January’s Newsletter Celebrates Art and Lore

January’s Newsletter Celebrates Art and Lore

Looking forward to the new year? Read up on what the team has in store for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in this month’s Producer’s Letter.

As always, if you missed something over the past month, you can catch up with our Month in Review.

From design docs to art, creating is a process. Check out Lead Artist, Jared Pullen’s demonstration of how environments come alive in our Developer Feature.

It’s time for story telling! Read the introduction to the Aridola, a colorful and lively addition to the world of Terminus, in this Lore Feature from Lead Writer, J.N. Gerhart.

Get to know content creator, Ser Medieval, in this month’s Community Spotlight. Learn about how he got started and what content he will be working on.


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