Mid-Season Update – The Mouth of Madness

Mid-Season Update – The Mouth of Madness

The Season 2, Mid-Season Update is now available! Join guest contributor, RedBeardFlynn as he checks out the newest season and shares his take on some of the changes that have made it into Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Also, keep an eye out on his channel as he shares more Pantheon content in the coming days.

What’s that sound? Off in the distance but getting closer, between the groaning of old wood swaying in the wind, the rustling of grass. A tittering, almost like…no, it couldn’t be. A series of soft tapping, and clicks, something rustling through the underbrush, feet plodding against the ground, faster, and faster. Several of them, sets of them. In the darkness, filtered through gossy strands you see them, glowing eyes, glittering and bouncing along and getting closer. Glowing red, nestled closely together, 2…3…4…no, 8 of them! They aren’t alone…humans…glazed over eyes and blank stares. This…this isn’t good.

Check it out here and please visit our Seasons page to learn more about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Season access.


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