Dire Lord


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Dire Lord

Legends speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some able to manipulate the ‘essence’ of living things — even their very blood.

The Dire Lord is considered a myth by most. In the oral tradition of Terminus’ history, there are legends that speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some able to manipulate the very essence of their enemies.

The Dire Lord is a proficient combatant that is known for their swift and brutal melee attacks and their relentless self-healing. But while battling their enemy in a corporeal sense, Dire Lords are also waging war in the imagination of their foe. By infiltrating the essence of a being, the Dire Lord can ravage their enemy with horrifying phantoms, alter the properties of their essence and even steal their essence completely. By mastering Essence-manipulation, the Dire Lord is able to wield their own blood in battle, using it to replenish themselves or to assail their enemies from the inside out.

Group Role: Tank
Combat Resource: Essence, Readiness
Available Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain
Available Weapons: Sword, Great Sword, Edged, Great Blade, Axe, Great Axe


Corrupt an enemy with your Essence, causing their blood to boil and burst dealing minor Fire damage. Damage over time, increases Threat.

Provoking Phantoms

Afflict an enemy’s mind with relentless apparitions and generate a moderate amount of Threat.

Sanguine Shield

Convert your Essence into a shield, absorbing damage.


Deals minor Curse damage to target, restoring Health equal to damage dealt.

Devour Dexterity

Consume an enemy’s Dexterity and empower yourself with the absorbed amount.

Essence Harvester

Deals 100% Weapon damage to target and applies Essence Leech. Essence leech restores Essence over time.

Vital Cage

Cloak yourself in malefic power, absorbing the next source of spell damage and converting that damage into Essence.

Devour Constitution

Consume an enemy’s Constitution, empowering yourself with the absorbed amount.


Corrupt an enemy’s blood, reducing their incoming healing.

Blood Fiend

Imbue your weapon with the Dire, causing the Physical damage you deal to heal you and restore Essence with each strike. While Blood Fiend is active, stacks of Provoking Phantom will generate against target.

Blood State: Nightmarish

Manifest a nightmarish visage causing a percentage of damage dealt to be applied as Threat.

*Not a complete ability list

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