Dark Myr


The Warrior seemingly defies limits of physical strength, ability and resilience. However, not content with fortitude alone, he also refines his mind, becoming a master strategist in battle.

Much more than a soldier or mercenary, the Warrior seems to defy limits of physical strength, ability and resilience. However, she is not content with fortitude alone, but refines her mind as well, becoming a master strategist amidst the mayhem of battle.

Group Role: Tank
Combat Resource: Endurance, Resilience, Battle Points
Available Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light and Heavy Chain, Light and Heavy Plate, Shields
Available Weapons: Dagger, Short Spear, Long Spear, Sword, Great Sword, Edged, Great Blade, Axe, Great Axe, Club, War Hammer, Great Hammer, Mace, Great Mace, Quarter Staff, Polearm, Fist Weapon, Short Bow, Crossbow


Embrace your will to live, greatly increasing your Dodge and Parry chance, granting a bonus to healing effects cast on you and locking your Resilience to full. Only usable when your Health is below a certain threshold.

Breaker’s Roar

Free yourself from all loss of control effects and become immune to them for a short time.

Angering Blow

A provoking strike that puts an enemy in an angry state, causing your actions to generate additional Hate.

Strike of Breaking

Fiercely strike through an enemy’s defenses, lowering their Armor Class progressively with each use. At full effect, Strike of Breaking will put an enemy into a vulnerable state.

Shield Block

Raise your shield to meet a frontal attack, dramatically reducing the physical damage you receive while the shield is raised. Additionally, a percentage of the damage you would have received will be converted into Resilience.

Wall of Shields

Link shields with another Warrior in your group or raid and incite all nearby enemies to attack both of you. While Wall of Shields is active, incoming enemy damage will be mitigated using the combined Resilience of both Warriors and the final damage amount will be split evenly between them.

War Horn

Sound an ominous war horn, taunting most nearby enemies to attack you and others to cower in fear.

Battering Ram

Leverage your immense strength to break through certain barriers in the environment that have grown weak and unstable. If used against an enemy Battering Ram will deal physical damage and knock the enemy to the ground.

Battle Formation: Conquest

The Conquest formation increases the Haste rating of your group for a short time. Usable when an enemy you are in combat with enters a fleeing state.

Battle Formation: Unyielding

The Unyielding formation increases the Armor Class of your group, transfers a percentage of all damage taken by the group to you and locks your Resilience to full for a short time. Usable when you are in combat with 3 or more enemies at once.

Banner of Onslaught

Group – Increases Hit rating for group members in range of this banner.

Enemies – Decreases Parry/Counterattack chance and disables the use of Disarm for enemies in range of this banner.

Challenger’s Banner

Group – Decrease the duration of crowd control effects for group members in range of this banner.

Enemies – Your attacks generate additional Hate on enemies in range of this banner.

Close the Gap

Leap to a nearby enemy’s location and bash them, dealing physical damage and interrupting spell casting.

*Not a complete ability list

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