Dark Myr


Once a Cleric, the Paladin has a call transcending the customs of the Cleric Order. Led by her convictions, she sets off to carry out her own righteous judgment.

Once a Cleric themselves, the Paladin has felt a call that transcends the rigid customs of the Cleric Order. Led by their convictions, the Paladins set off on their own to carry out their righteous judgment as they see fit.

At its core, the Paladin is a plate-armored, melee specialist imbued with celestial power. This enables them to wield spoken rebukes with awesome effect. In addition, by shedding the dogma of the Cleric Order, they have devoted themselves to the study of arms and armor, giving Paladins renowned ability in defensive combat. Perhaps most iconically, the Paladin is driven by an unquenchable hatred of Undeath, a flame they have stoked into a ceaseless pursuit. Thus, a Paladin is never more fierce than when they stand face to face with Undeath.

Group Role: Tank
Combat Resource: Endurance, Wrath, Reckoning Points
Available Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light and Heavy Chain, Light and Heavy Plate, Shields
Available Weapons: Sword, Great Sword, Club, War Hammer, Great Hammer, Mace, Great Mace, Edged, Great Blade, Axe, Great Axe, Polearm


Incite an enemy to anger, causing them to focus their attention on you for a short time.


Heal an ally with a swift burst of celestial flame.

Glory and Honor

Grant an ally a percentage of your total Armor Class. While active, the damage you deal in combat is converted into healing for that ally.

Pommel and Cross

Strike an enemy with the pommel of your weapon, dealing Physical damage with a chance to stun. Then follow with a cleave that deals Physical damage to nearby enemies in front of you.

Arcing Light

Instantly heal yourself. This heal then jumps to the next two group members with the lowest health.

Golden Aegis

Envelop yourself in a barrier of celestial light, making you invulnerable for a short time.

Living Light

Send forth flames of celestial light all around you, healing nearby allies.

Edict of Celestial Authority

A sacred word of power that stuns an enemy for a short time and puts them in a disoriented state.

Edict of Celestial Might

A sacred word of power that pulls an enemy to your location.

Edict of Celestial Fury

A sacred word of power that reflects the next ability that would do damage to you back at the attacker.

Edict of Celestial Force

A sacred word of power that pushes an enemy backwards a short distance.

Wrathful Aegis

Radiate celestial flames that burn all enemies around you. This ability generates bonus Hate every second on all affected enemies.


Sacrifice half of your health to resurrect a fallen ally. Using this ability when below half health will cause the Overzealous state, obstructing all healing on you while active.

*Not a complete ability list

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