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Direlord Abilities
September 24, 2020
Joppa and the crew take a look at what makes the Dire Lord tick.
Pantheon Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout In-Game Preview
August 27th, 2020
PA5 Shakeout is coming Sept 5-6. Take a sneak peek at what's in store for you with a look at the new Thronefast, the starting experience, climbing and combat.
State of the Game
July 30th, 2020
This episode the team talks all about the upcoming PA5 Shakeout Sessions, what the team has been working on, and what to expect when you get in game.
Perception Storylines
May 29th, 2020
Creative Director Joppa leads us through a basic storyline in Faerthale, outlining how your observation, intuition and persistence can reveal more options in Pantheon's storyline
What to Expect from PA5
June 25th, 2020
A new Black Rose Keep, a new website, and what to expect from the upcoming Pre-Alpha 5 test sessions.
Combat Synchronization
May 29th, 2020
In this part of last night's stream, we take a look at combat animations and how they sync together to make a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.
UI Grayboxing, AI, Patch Notes +
April 30th, 2020
Lead Programmer Kyle Olsen joins the stream this month to tell us about the AI and code refactoring.
Shaman Abilities
March 27, 2020
A close look at the Pantheon Shaman abilities, the mastery system and how it all works together.

Original concept art depicting the world and lore of Pantheon.

Podcasts from the developers.
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July Dev Roundtable
July 2020
"Kilsin" Walters sits down with Justin "Istuulamae" Gerhart to talk all things Lore, Writing and then related a QA for this month's Dev Round Table (DRT)
June Dev Roundtable
June 2020
Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with the VIP Community to talk all things Community Management and then related QA for this month's Dev Round Table (DRT)
May Dev Roundtable
May 2020
Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins and Game Designer Tim "Convo" Wathen to talk all things NPC AI, encounter design, population/placement philosophy, special systems like Dispositions and then related QA for this month's Dev Round Table (DRT)