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Additional videos available on the Official Pantheon YouTube Channel.
Development Update - Art Reveal
September 28, 2023
Pantheon's unique art style revealed.
Development Update - Rogue Refresh
June 16, 2023
The team answers community questions and updates on the Rogue class.
Development Update - Shaman Powerhouse
May 13, 2023
See how the Shaman healing class is shaping up and get the latest VR news.
Development Update - Dire Lord Class
April 13, 2023
Get an up close look at the first ten levels of the Dire Lord class.
Development Update - Crafting and Gathering
March 17, 2023
So much to see! Get the latest update and find out what's to come.
Development Update - From the Art Dept
February 10, 2023
Check out new character animations and latest world additions.
What's Ahead For Pantheon
January 12, 2023
Listen in on the developer chat discussing what's to come in quarter one development.
Adventure in the Goblin Caves
December 20, 2022
Join the developer team for a holiday gameplay stream, as they group to tackle the Goblin Caves located in the heart of Thronefast.
CohhCarnage Streams Pre-Alpha
December 10, 2022
CohhCarnage streams the weekend Pre-Alpha test, getting a chance to play organically with the testers taking part in test.
Year In Review Q&A
November 10, 2022
Join us for a "Year in Review" and community Q&A session as we look at 2022's progress, while discussing where we are heading.
Wild's End and Sevil Manor
October 13, 2022
We recap some details from our most recent Pre-Alpha testing, reveal Sevil Manor, and show progress on The Wellpond.
Character Models and Classes
September 15, 2022
We give updates on our character models, including animations and armor fitting, and also discuss more of the classes available in our next Pre-Alpha session.
Class and World Building Progress
August 11, 2022
We answer burning questions about PreAlpha testing, highlighted the available classes in the PA, and show off a before and after video highlighting the changes since the last test in 2021.
CohhCarnage Talks Funding & Development
July 27, 2022
CohhCarnage hosted a talk on Twitch with CEO Chris Rowan and Creative Director Chris Perkins to discuss funding, it's impact, and overall development.
Art and World Building Update
July 14, 2022
Chris "Joppa" Perkins joins this month's live stream as we unveil updates to our art team's progress, as well as a big update in our overall world building.
Monk Combat Updates and Gameplay
June 9, 2022
Join us as we tie together discussions from recent newsletters and development roundtables around combat and the monk early experience.
Answers, Lore, Updates & More
May 12, 2022
Join us as we answer burning questions seen around the various Pantheon communities, discuss recent growth of the development team, dig into some lore and update progress on building the Halfling city, Sorhiryth.
State of the Game Update
April 14, 2022
Join David and Tony as they talk about progress across the various departments within Visionary Realms, updating their progress and showing off some new world building.
March 10, 2022
Join David, Tony, and Chris as they unveil the work being done with HDRP, including biome discussion, day and night fluid time, weather and more.

Original concept art depicting the world and lore of Pantheon.

Podcasts from the developers.
Full archive available on YouTube Channel
Parting the Veil - Pantheon Tank Classes
June 23, 2023
Listen in as the team discuss Pantheon's tank classes and details tank mechanics.
Parting the Veil - Pantheon Healing Classes
May 19, 2023
Get details on the various healing classes and what makes them different in Pantheon.
Parting the Veil - Mastery System
April 24, 2023
Learn more about the Mastery system and class progression.
Parting the Veil - Open World and Instancing
March 23, 2023
Find out what "Open World" means for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Bring Out Your Devs - JN Gerhart
February 16, 2023
Get to know Lead Writer, JN Gerhart, in this special release feature.
Parting the Veil - Climates and Fractures
January 20, 2023
Learn more about the impact of these mechanics in the latest PtV.
Bring Out Your Devs - Steve Clover
December 28, 2022
In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to share our first ever Bring Out Your Devs, which featured Everquest Co-Creator and Pantheon Sr. Programmer Steve Clover.
Parting the Veil - The Pantheon Difference
November 17, 2022
We revisit “The Pantheon Difference,” speaking to what it was originally, and where it stands today.
Parting the Veil - Unique Adventuring Items and Abilities
October 20, 2022
We discuss how unique items and abilities will have a play on further enhancing a player’s ability to adventure within Terminus.
Parting the Veil - Taming, Mounts, And Travel
September 22, 2022
We discuss our taming system and it's effect on mounts and travel in Terminus.
August Developer Roundtable - Investment, Development, and Marketing
September 2, 2022
We talk investments, development, and marketing with chairman/CEO Chris Rowan and Director of Communications/Project Producer Ben Dean.
June Developer Roundtable - Dungeon Design
July 1, 2022
We sat down with the Creative Director and Programming Producer Chris “Joppa” Perkins to discuss the Dungeons of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
May Developer Roundtable - Combat and Adventuring
June 3, 2022
We sat down with the Production Manager and Senior Game Designer Adam “Tehom” Mostel to discuss Combat and Adventuring in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
April Developer Roundtable - Crafting and Gathering
May 6, 2022
We sit down with Game Designer David “Nephele” Beach to discuss crafting and gathering in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
Parting the Veil Ep. 2: Soloing in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
April 7, 2022
In the second episode of Parting the Veil, we talk about soloing in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
JN and Holly: Writing & Art
March 2022
Community Manager Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Lead Writer JN "Istuulamae" Gerhart and Associate Concept Artist Holly "Lethe" LeMay to discuss how writing and art combine to create immersion.
Jeanna and Lynn: Human Resources
February 2022
Community Manager Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Director of Human Resources Jeanna "BlueEyedGator" Ruschell and Internal Communications Manager Lynn "Princess" Ashworth to discuss all things Human Resources and Internal Communications for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
Chris and Kyle: Programming
January 2022
Community Manager Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins and Lead Programmer Kyle "iijji" Olsen to discuss the programming side of things for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
Chris and Adam: The Art of Combat
December 2021
Community Manager Ben "Kilsin" Walters sits down with Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins and Associate Game Designer Adam "Tehom" Mostel to discuss the Art of Combat for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.
JN Gerhart: Lore and Writing
November 2021
Producer Ben "Machail" Dean fills in this week for Kilsin, as he sits down with Lead Writer JN Gerhart to talk about all things Lore and Writing.
Parting the Veil Ep.1: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is Not Niche Part 2
November 25, 2021
In our inaugural episode we tackle the narrative that Pantheon is being designed as a niche MMORPG. We dispel that rumor in detail.
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