Amidst the fragmented realms, the wild-eyed Druid embraces the diverse, natural world, peering into its mysteries. Druids are revered as visionaries who can see into the heart of Terminus.

The wild-eyed Druid has answered a dangerous call: to embrace the natural world of Terminus and peer into its mysteries. With the manifold fragments of other worlds and realms now on Terminus, the landscape is highly diverse and treacherous. For this reason, Druids are often revered as visionaries who can see beyond the fragmented terrain and into the heart of Terminus itself.

At its core, the Druid is a light-armored mystic who is able to draw out aspects of the natural world and imbue them into other living things or project them into their surroundings. But there is a fine line they must walk as they gaze ever-deeper into the secrets of Terminus. The Druids who learn to master these revelations are rumored to have incredible restorative abilities, while wielding the power to command the weather itself. Surely, there is rarely a display as awe-filled as this kind of fury when kindled.

Group Role: Healer
Combat Resource: Mana
Available Armor: Cloth, Light Leather
Available Weapons: Club, Mace, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff

FEATURED ABILITIES Wild-Eyed Wanderer [Passive]

Your covenant with the natural world has cultivated a unique sense of trust from the animals of Terminus, making most of them unlikely to attack you unless provoked.

Harness Trait

As a living conduit of the natural world, you are able to harness the traits of natural things through tactile contact. Once harnessed, you may imbue these traits into yourself and others. As you become more experienced, you will be able to harness more powerful traits from a wider variety of things. Each Druid can have only one kind of trait active on a target at a time.

Imbue Trait: Speed of the Black Wolf

Imbue the Black Wolf’s speed and agility into an ally, increasing their movement speed.

Imbue Trait: Swiftgill’s Fin

Imbue the aquatic nature of the Swiftgill into an ally, increases their swimming speed and allowing them to breathe underwater.

Verdanfire Seed

Impart a mystical seed to an ally, absorbing incoming damage up to a certain limit. When this amount is reached, the seed will bloom and heal your ally for the amount of damage it absorbed. Afterwards, a portion of the effective healing the ally received will be refunded to you as Mana. You may apply a Verdanfire Seed to as many targets as you wish, but only one seed may be active on a target at a time.

Creeper’s Grip

Grip an enemy with enchanted Creeper vines, healing anyone who damages that enemy.

Nature Shroud

Gather Nature energy around yourself, forming it into a mystical cloak. This cloak makes you invisible to living, non-magical targets. Can be used Indoors.

Hirode’s Flame

Ask Hirode to heal an ally with a surge of Verdanfire.

Hirode’s Chrysalis

Ask Hirode to protect an ally from death. When this ally takes damage that would kill them, Hirode prevents their death and seals them in a protective chrysalis. While inside the chrysalis, the ally cannot be damaged and will emerge with a portion of their health and mana restored.

Verdanfire Lance

Hurl a spear of pure Verdanfire at an enemy, dealing Nature damage. If Hirode’s Gaze is active on the enemy, this ability will Silence them for a short time.

Vinewoven Bridge

Form a bridge of interlocking vines, allowing yourself and others to cross a gap that is too wide to jump across.


Ask a firefly to travel with you for a while, serving as a light source.

Wandering Stones

Explorers have noted the presence of ancient, iridescent stones hidden amid the groves and wilds of Terminus. These stones have come to be known as “Wandering Stones” and are seething with Druidic magic. Because of this, it is rumored that Druids are able to attune to these Wandering Stones and travel between them. Perhaps there is even more to these stones than most realize…

*Not a complete ability list

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