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Join the denizens of Terminus to uncover the mysteries of a world divided by Celestial loyalty… and betrayal. Make strong allies, or even stronger foes while you explore a captivating landscape that has its own stories to tell.

The New MMORPG Can Now Be Played in Pre-Alpha Sessions.

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May 2022 Newsletter is Hot off the Press

Lots to cover as we read about the Early Monk Experience, see what's been happening in development in the Producer's Letter, catch up on our Month in Review and catch up with StoneFish in our Community Feature. It's all just a click away.
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Latest Stream

May Developer Stream

The team discusses a variety of Pantheon related content for your viewing pleasure.
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April Developer Roundtable – Crafting and Gathering with David

See what the team has been talking about this month in our latest developer roundtable!
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