Pantheon Production Tracker

Pantheon Production Tracker

Welcome to the Pantheon development tracker. The top section (under construction) will contain current works in progress. Below, you will find the list of patch notes for the most recent updates to the test server, as provided to the testers. These will be updated throughout the month.

We are working on a form of public epic tracking for larger projects and we will share that when it becomes available. An epic is large body of work made up of smaller tasks (example: the zone Avendyrs Pass, is an epic. NPC population or points of interests are tasks within that epic). Once a team has been assigned and begins work on an epic, a percentage progress bar will show the project’s progress. This allows the community to follow works in progress as it is being developed.

**Future home of Epics**

Patch Notes: 12.02.23

This includes most recent notes for update 12.02.23 ↴

Warrior Class is now online!

  • Taunt (Level 1)
  • Strike of Breaking (Level 2) – “Strike at a weak point in the target’s armor, dealing 50% weapon damage and reducing the target’s Armor Class by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Generates 1 Battle Point.”
  • Storm (Level 4) – “Charge at the target with furious speed, stunning them briefly. Generates 1 Battle Point.”
  • Shield Block (Level 5) – “Raise your shield to block all incoming physical damage for 2 sec.”
  • Shield Slam (Level 6) – “Slam the target with your shield, dealing 50% weapon damage, interrupting spell casting and Silencing the target for 6 seconds.”
  • Last Stand (Level 7) – “Stand your ground, increasing your Block Chance and incoming healing by 50% for 10 sec. Only usable when your Health is below 40%.”
  • Furious Howl (Level 8) – “Release a furious howl, increasing the physical damage of your group by 20% for 20 sec.”
  • Pulverize (Level 9) – “Deals 150% weapon damage and causes Disempower on targets with less than 40% health, reducing their outgoing physical damage by 20% for 10 sec.”
  • Rageful Shout (Level 10) – “Unleash a rage-filled shout, refreshing the cooldown of your Taunt ability.”


    • Reckoning Points are now functioning properly. Reckoning Points generate passively for Paladins with the following parameters:

    • The 1st Reckoning Point takes 60 seconds to generate and become usable
    • The 2nd Reckoning Point takes 120 seconds after the first one generates
    • The 3rd Reckoning Point takes 300 seconds after the second one generates
  • Paladins were locked out of generating Wrath for 0.5 sec after an incoming damage event. This lockout window has been decreased to 0.25 sec.
  • Wrath generation from DoTs has been reduced to 10 Wrath per DoT damage tick, but is no longer subject to the 0.25 sec lockout.
  • Incoming critical melee damage now increases Wrath by 150, and incoming critical spell damage increases Wrath by 200.


  • Adjusted the way Shadow Planning works. New description: “Carefully assess an enemy from the shadows, increasing your critical chance by 2% every sec while this buff lasts. Requires Stealth.”
  • Sprint to the Shadows sprint speed bonus has been reduced from super human levels.
  • Fixed a bug with stealth where everyone could see the stealthed rogue, but the rogue couldnt see them.


  • Wizard Glint now has no cost.


  • Corrected an issue causing NPCs to swing their weapons and cast spells much less frequently than intended.
  • Several more NPCs now have abilities that properly scale in power as they get higher level.
  • Fixed NPC Strike of the Snake damage.
  • If a player wouldn’t get experience for an NPC they are fighting, they wont get skill ups from it either.


  • Added several new weapon-based combat animations for player characters and NPCs.
  • Sheathing weapons is now considered when choosing which set of locomotion animations to play
  • Several updates to NPC armor models, model skinning improvements and visual variety of NPCs.
  • New armor models are propagated throughout player itemization.
  • Reskinned cloth robes to support new cloth physics.
  • Female characters are now animating properly and armor models are showing properly.
  • Fixed several model anchor points to ensure spell effects on showing on the correct body locations.
  • Finished the Spirit Manor POI, added new layout elements and overgrowth.
  • Visual updates to the Gloom Fracture environment.
  • Visual updates to the environmental ambience surrounding the Spirit Manor.
  • Several updates to set dressing in Availia, including the internal furnishings of dwellings.
  • Implemented new grass and tree wind shader.
  • Improved texture quality of the Elkhorn and Butternut trees.
  • Fixed collision issues inside various dwellings in Availia.
  • Heavy fog has lost a bit of weight and is no longer quite as heavy.


  • Spirit Manor has had a population pass update.
  • Arcanery starting area has had several updates to improve the amount and variety of its NPC population.
  • Pool of Paths starting area now has a larger NPC population
  • Several of the Gadai camps have had more spawns added to them.
  • Low level NPC respawn rate has been reduced to 3 minutes.
  • Began process of overhauling our rare NPC spawn chance and the rare loot drop chance of those NPCs.
  • A few new Tasks have been added to the Arcanery starting area.


  • Male and Female vocalizations should be consistent across characters and NPCs now
  • All current player abilities are now properly hooked up to the new spell audio system.
  • Several new music tracks, player and NPC SFX, and overall mixing improvements


  • The merchant and bank windows will now close automatically when a player moves too far away from the banker/merchant.
  • The skills list in the character sheet is now in alphabetical order.
  • The craft schematics list window is now closed automatically when the crafting window is closed.
  • Added support for the vendor sale price of crafted items to be based on the material type used to craft them.
  • Minor changes to currency UI to make it easier to click on currency and to display tooltips.
  • Players can now use the /time command to display the current game hour.
  • The /drag command now optionally supports dragging a corpse by supplying the name of the player whose corpse should be dragged.
  • Corpse dragging should work a bit better now and the corpse will teleport to the player doing the dragging if it gets stuck.
  • EXP for NPC kills should be more consistent across the board.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where casting would successfully complete if the player moved while casting.
  • Fixed a crash related to crafted items that don’t have a primary material.
  • Fixed an issue where the male and female buttons in character create were using the wrong images.
  • Fixed a character creation bug where switching to female and then changing the character class would switch back to a male model.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs were not rendering weapons in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where skill was being increased more than it should have been on skill ups.
  • Fixed some issues with player corpses where bags would get put in bag slots in a different order when a player looted their corpse, and the bags would then be unusable until the player logged out and back in.
  • Fixed a bug with the bank deposit button where it wasnt depositing all of your coins sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where quests that required items to complete them could be completed if the player had the item in their bank or stash. They need to be carried by the player now, so no more throwing heavy packages into the bank and making the run without them to complete the quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the bank item slots werent being updated when a player deleted an item in the bank.
  • Possible fix for the dying immediately after releasing if the player died while being hit by multiple mobs.
  • NPCs should no longer despawn due to day/night change if they are dead.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasnt checking distance to the banker for interactions with them, so players could leave the bank window and/or bank bags open and move items in and out of the bank from anywhere in the zone.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-attack wasnt being turned on automatically according to the users chosen setting.

Gathering and Crafting Skill Unlocks

  • A new set of crafting and gathering tutorial tasks have been added to the game. Some of the old crafting and gathering tasks have been removed as a result.
  • When starting a new character, you will have a note in your inventory that begins a task to talk to the Scavenger in Availa. The Scavenger will unlock your gathering skills and provide you with starter tools. He also has a series of tasks for each gathering skill that you can optionally go through.
  • To unlock crafting skills and optionally undertake starting tasks for each one, talk to the following NPCs: The Armorer, The Clothier, The Carpenter, The Artificer, The Tavern Keeper, and The Alchemist. You can find these NPCs inside various houses and buildings in Availia. Please note that the skills are unlocked immediately and you do not need to undertake the tasks to begin crafting, although the tasks will grant you a few schematics to work with.

Items and Economy

  • Some vendor-purchased weapons and armor have increased in price.
  • Normal/non-magical weapon and armor drops for several NPCs have been updated to better reflect our planned itemization approach. No rare drops were harmed in the implementation of these changes.
  • Additional items have been added to some NPCs to support alchemy recipes.
  • In-game models for armor and some shields have been updated. Please report any items you find that do not properly display on your character.
  • The stack size of drink items has been increased.
  • The emblems and sigils dropped by some NPCs may now be traded or sold.
  • Vendor purchase prices for crafted bags have been significantly reduced.
  • Many other items have had their vendor purchase prices adjusted as economic tuning for level 1-15 is ongoing.


  • Celestium dusts can no longer be gathered from Asherite Ore, Pine Trees, Blackberry Bushes, Hemp Plants, Wild Vegetables, or from skinning low-level NPCs.
  • Several new types of Harvesting nodes have been added to support alchemy. Some of these plants only appear during the day or at night.
  • The minimum amount of material gathered from many normal sized nodes has been increased.
  • Gathering yields for fibers (hemp, cotton, and flax) has been increased.
  • The stack sizes of many gathered resources have been increased.
  • Some mining node spawn points have been altered for risk/reward considerations.

Crafting – General

  • Prices for the first two sets of crafting schematics in most professions have been reduced.
  • A carpentry workbench has been added to Availia.
  • Several crafting stations have been moved to be near the NPC that grants the appropriate skills.
  • A laboratory has been added in the Alchemist’s house.
  • Crafting vendors have also been relocated to be near the NPC that grants the appropriate skills.
  • The campfire cooking set available for purchase should now work properly.
  • The number of pelts required to refine tattered leather has been increased.

Crafting – Jewelcrafting

  • The schematics for copper bands, copper chain necklaces, and copper stud earrings have been reworked and should now be functional. These schematics now require a component (a signet) in their manufacture.
  • Schematics for signets are now available on the jewelcrafting vendor.
  • The effects for zircon gemstones have been changed.
  • The effects for other types of gemstones have been rebalanced.

Crafting – Alchemy

  • The first iteration of alchemy has been added to the game. Both offensive and defensive items may be created.
  • As with cooking, you may use any campfire as a crafting station for alchemy, as well as the Alchemy workbench in Availia.
  • Alchemy uses a variety of ingredients including NPC drops and gathered resources.
  • In this initial iteration, Alchemy combinations can be quite complicated and require up to five different ingredients to create. To help players with learning Alchemy combinations, hints have been added to the world.
  • Hints to help you decipher alchemical combinations can be found in various places throughout the world.
Archive: 11.18.23

Click for Archive 11.18.23 ↴

**Completed the conversion of the game client from the extraction testing mode to the Pantheon MMORPG!

World and NPCs

  • Additional crafting stations have been added inside several buildings in Availia.
  • Several dedicated crafting schematic merchants have been added to Availia. Note that you will still need to undertake tutorial tasks from some of the NPCs in Availia to unlock gathering and crafting skills before you can use these schematics.
  • Item offerings for merchant NPCs throughout Thronefast have been updated and standardized.

Gameplay Systems

  • The consumption rate for the energy and hydration bars has been reduced.
  • Players will no longer be killed if their energy or hydration bars are reduced to zero, but will suffer a significant debuff until energy or hydration are restored.
  • The size of the bank has been reduced to 24 slots.

Crafting and Gathering Progression

    All gathering and crafting skills should now be accessible from level 1. The completion of a conversation or simple task with the following NPCs is currently required to unlock the skills.

  • Mining – The Armorer
  • Harvesting – The Priest
  • Woodcutting – The Huntress
  • Skinning – The Huntress
  • Scavenging – The Scavenger
  • Smelting, Blacksmithing and Weaponsmithing – The Weapon Master
  • Smelting, Blacksmithing, and Armorsmithing – The Armorer
  • Weaving, Outfitting, and Tailoring – The Clothier
  • Tanning, Outfitting, and Leatherworking – The Huntress
  • Woodcarving and Woodworking – The Alchemist
  • Jewelcrafting and Gemcutting – The Artificer
  • Cooking and Brewing – The Huntress


  • Gatherable tree populations throughout Thronefast have been rebalanced to match the level ranges of nearby NPC content.
  • Additional gatherable trees have been added in some populated areas where they were previously lacking.
  • The yield from large and huge sized gatherable trees has been increased.
  • Additional items are now harvestable from wild vegetables.
  • Mining node populations in some areas have been reworked to match new level ranges of NPCs in those areas.
  • The chance to acquire low-quality pelts via skinning animals has been increased. Chances for other types of pelts have been rebalanced as a result.
  • The drop rate for some types of celestium dust has been decreased.

Crafting – Jewelcrafting

  • Jewelcrafting has been enabled. Players may now create rings, necklaces, and earrings using precious metals and either celestium dust or gemstones.
  • To get started with Jewelcrafting, please visit the Artificer in Availia to obtain the Gemcutting and Jewelcrafting skills and purchase recipes.
  • Smelting recipes are now available for copper ingots, brass ingots, nickel ingots, silver ingots, and gold ingots.
  • Round and Square gem setting recipes are now available and support the following gemstone types: Pearl, Citrine, Jade, Quartz, Spinel, Topaz, Turquoise, and Zircon. Additional gem settings to support other types of gemstones will be added in future updates.
  • The following types of celestium dust are currently usable in Jewelcrafting:
    • Celestium Dust of Health
    • Celestium Dust of Magic
    • Celestium Dust of the Tireless.

Crafting – Brewing

  • It is now possible to craft special drinks using the new Campfire Brewing Kit and the Brewing skill.
  • Brewing drinks can be performed at campfires in Thronefast or at the Brewery station in Availia.
  • In addition to being usable drinks themselves, Flasks of Water and Skins of Milk can also be used as ingredients in crafting other types of drinks, along with several other items that you can gather in Thronefast.

Crafting – General

  • It is now possible to find rare crafting components in the world which you can use when crafting items.
  • Thyme has been reclassified as an Herb, rather than a spice. It should still work in all cooking recipes where it is being used.
  • Additional crafted foods are now available via the Campfire Cooking Set
  • Fox Meat, Frog Meat, and Rat Meat are now usable when cooking.
  • Rare crafting schematics for several armor types have been added to the world. These rare schematics can produce powerful items but require special ingredients and are consumed when used.
  • The types of celestium dust that may be used on armor pieces of various makes (plate, chain, leather, caster cloth, and monk cloth) have been adjusted.

Items and Loot

  • Additional items have been added to the loot tables of several groups of humanoid NPCs throughout Thronefast.
  • Purchase and sale prices on many looted weapons and armor pieces have been rebalanced.
  • The use effects of apples and mushrooms have been rebalanced. These items are now only usable outside of combat.

Caster Technique updates

  • All caster 60 skill techniques added
  • Fixed functionality on caster skill 20/60 caster techniques
  • Adjusted potency of all caster techniques
  • Misc. fixes to certain weapons not counting as crushing/slashing/piercing


  • First pass of spell audio system is complete.
  • First pass of combat music intensity mapped to consideration table (the higher level the NPC is to you, the more intense the music. The lower level, the less intense).
  • Several new UI sound effects added, including vendors, coin, task interactions, and more.
  • Added a few VO sound effects for idle/travelling NPCs (humming, whistling, etc.)
  • Completed several additional music tracks, and finished the navigation music transition system.


    Hunger and thirst have been reworked for its MMORPG implementation.

  • The rate of Energy and Hydration drain has been reduced by 3x
  • You will no longer take damage when Thirsty or Starving.
  • When Thirsty, you will not be able to regenerate Mana, and your Constitution, Intellect, Wisdom and Charisma stats will be reduced by 5.
  • When Starving, you will not be able to regenerate Health, and your Strength, Stamina, Agility and Dexterity will be reduced by 5.
  • Cleaned up the banker UI, and the deposit button should deposit all coin carried by the player if clicked while not dragging coins or an item.


  • Major rework of the flow of Tasks through the Eleven. You will be able to initiate each of the Eleven’s specific task lines immediately at level 1 without any prerequisites.
  • Many of the Crating/Gathering skills have been front loaded to be given to the player immediately, or come within the first few Tasks.
  • Experience and coin rewards for Task completions have been reduced.
  • Each of the Eleven are now placed throughout Availia, some being inside of houses.


  • Light Rain and Heavy Rain weathers are now functional
  • Adjustments to fog for rain, snow and fog weathers.


  • You will now start to lose experience and leave behind a corpse if you die starting at level 5.
  • The near death state is back. You will now lose a percentage of your Health every tick while in the near death state, even if not moving. You will lose Health more quickly while moving.
  • Duration of Poison and Bleed reduced to 3 min.


  • Second Sight is now instant cast.
  • Hurry the Past mana reduced.
  • Cleansing Flame’s ability to purge poison.


  • DoT damage will now generate a small amount of Wrath
  • Incoming spell damage now generates Wrath
  • Adjusted the Wrath cost of several abilities
  • Improved the threat generation of Incite.
  • Incite now has a small Wrath cost.
  • Slightly increased the Wrath cost of Oathflame and improved its healing power.


  • Reduced the base Mana cost of Mesmerize to 8 (becomes 6 with Mastery)


  • Several improvements to NPC ability kits and combat tactics.
  • Reduced Thug Ringleader spawn chance.
  • Changed Mountain Goblin and Forest Dweller Goblin factions to Mountain Hobgoblin and Forest Dweller Hobgoblin
  • Reduced the Rockbone Goblin level ranges to 8-12, with the Chief being level 13.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could cheat taking extra bleed damage from moving during near death by moving between ticks and stopping just before the next tick.
  • Fixed an issue where rain sounds were not being turned off at disconnect or using /quit.
  • Fixed some bugs with typing coin values into the trade window, and you can now trade coin or an item that is being dragged on the cursor by clicking inside the trade window.
  • When trading with another player, the item tooltip info message now shows that you can right click to add the item to the trade [if it can be traded].
  • Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when zoning.
  • Fixed some collision issues around the Wizard tower above Thronefast
  • Fixed a couple issues with combat log names
  • Fixed impact effects from ability and buffs

Characters and Animations

  • Non-human character models are being disabled to prevent a client crash that results in a disconnect for players.
  • Existing characters will be converted to either human male or female.

World and NPCs

  • A scavenger’s workbench has been added to Availia.
  • Global respawn rate for low-level NPCs has been reduced to 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • It should no longer be possible for players to teleport to Tazrin’s Gaze.
Archive: 11.5.23

Click for Archive 11.5.23 ↴


  • The rate of out-of-combat health and mana regeneration has been increased.


  • Many old, invalid ground spawn items (such as mushrooms) that were no longer working properly have been removed from Thronefast.


  • Several crate armor pieces with inappropriate AC values have had their AC value adjusted downwards.
  • Chain armor pieces that could erroneously worn by shamans are no longer wearable by shamans.
  • Several rare armor drops which were missing their visible textures have had new visible textures assigned to them.
  • The drop rate for skitterfang venom glands has been slightly increased.
  • All neck armor is being converted to shoulder armor and will now use the shoulder slot. This change applies to looted, found, and crafted armor. The neck slot will continue to be used by jewelry and accessories.
  • Some new items have been added to weapon and armor crates.
  • Spell critical bonuses that were previously applied to some looted staff weapons have been removed.


  • Delay values have been reduced for all gathering tools. Players will now gather from nodes of any type faster as a result.
  • Ore yields from large and huge mining nodes have been increased.
  • The difficulty rating for Caspilrite and Hardened Caspilrite nodes has been reduced. Lower-level tools will now be more effective when mining these node types.
  • Mining node spawns throughout Thronefast have been rebalanced, and spawn points that were previously inaccessible to players have been moved. You will find that some node types such as Tascium Ore and Padrium Ore are more plentiful in level-appropriate areas than they were previously.
  • Vestium Ore nodes have been removed until level-appropriate content can be added to support them.
  • Many mining nodes in areas without NPC content have been disabled and mining nodes have been added in areas that have NPC content but did not have nodes previously. This will also help nodes spawn in areas with NPCs more frequently.
  • The visual sizes of hemp plants, flax plants, cat tails, wild vegetables, and blackberry bushes in the world have been slightly increased to make them easier to spot.
  • Hemp, Cotton, and Flax plant nodes should now appear about 25% more frequently in the appropriate places within Thronefast.
  • Harvesting yields for large and huge variants of Hemp, Cotton, Flax, and Cat Tails have been increased.
  • Additional spawn points for Cat Tails have been added in appropriate areas of Thronefast.
  • Additional harvesting nodes have been added in areas of Thronefast that were previously lacking them. Note that areas without NPCs will generally not have gathering nodes available.
  • When you chop down a tree in game, you will now see an animation of the tree falling.


  • Tin armor schematics should no longer prompt for a dust that cannot be used.
  • The prices of higher-level schematics have been reduced. No refunds will be given for prior purchases.
  • Shield handles for bucklers should now be craftable.
  • Dust of precision should now apply a bonus stat when used in crafting.
  • Chain and Plate armor may now be crafted.
  • Dusts of Precision, Magic, Health, and the Tireless may now be utilized in crafting items. Note that not all dusts work on every item type.
  • Simple crafted bags will no longer have speed penalties.
  • The names of several crafting materials have been updated to make them easier to distinguish from resourcs and other items.
  • Tanning recipes now specifically describe what type of hide they require.
  • Flux is now available from the Alchemist
  • The size of the crafting schematic storage has been increased to 200 slots. The long-term plan is still to replace this with a recipe book UI.
  • The schematic list in the crafting UI has been updated with a text search functionality, enabling you to filter the list.
  • Buttons have been added to the schematic list to expand and collapse all entries.
  • Schematics in the schematic list will no longer show the word “Schematic” at the front of their name. This will still be present in the name of the items in the merchant UI and in your inventory to help avoid confusion. You can also see the full name of the schematic in a tooltip when mousing over the entry in the list.
  • Schematics that create polished lumber or polished staves should now properly accept materials.
  • The amount of stat bonuses provided when using dusts on some types of cloth has been increased.
  • The amount of hides required to create Tattered Leather, Stitched Leather, and Plain Leather has been reduced.
  • It should now be possible for players to tan Thick Leather.
  • Crafting recipes have been added for Kite Shields and Tower Shields.
  • Armor made with Blood Iron should now have appropriate AC values.


  • The Artificer’s task “Rebuilding the Traps, Part 1” now requires Pine Logs (instead of Maple) and rewards the Softwood Processing schematic.
  • The Artificer’s task “Rebuilding the Traps, Part 2” will now require Pine Lumber (instead of Maple) and will additionally award the Fletching and Carpentry skills. These changes should allow players who complete the tasks to fully pursue Woodworking.
  • Freshly gathered maple logs (via woodcutting) may now be used for the Huntress’s task objectives. Note that logs gathered from trees prior to the patch will still not work.


  • Cave art updates (including Goblin cave).
  • New Availia docks and well added.
  • 1st pass of a new nighttime star map.
  • Improved the visuals of cave lighting when looking into caves from outside.
  • Several art updates to the cave systems and goblin caves to more fully convert them to the new art style.
  • Improvements to Day/Night lighting and a new night sky (no double moons yet).


  • For now, Poisons and Bleeds are limited to 1 instance and 1 stack per instance. Meaning you can only ever have 1 Weak Poison, 1 Strong Poison, 1 Light Bleed and 1 Heavy bleed on you at one time.
  • For now, duration for Poison and Bleed effects has been reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Continuing to implement new abilities for NPCs, the following abilities can now be cast on valid Defensive targets within 25 meters:
    • Shaman: Grip Line, Mark of the Fireclaw, Skymane’s Pact, Windstrider
    • Cleric: Awaken line, Writ of Refreshing
    • Enchanter: Erudite Mind, Lyrith’s Grace

Class Updates


  • Removed Vigilance and Faithful Strike abilities (these are now Paladin abilities)
  • Removed the Tome mechanic for now (this will return in the future with a different mechanic unrelated to Mana return)
  • Added the Prayerful Rest technique
  • Reduced overall healing amounts by 30%
  • Reduced overall Mana cost for Healing spells by 50%
  • Reduced high end scaling on early level heals

  • Reduced overall healing from HoTs by ~50%
  • Replenish moved to level 4
  • Testing Hurry the Past coming in at level 10

  • Increased Mana Regeneration rate of Whisper of Tysire to 2, and Whisper of Marali to 4.
    Paladin (Now playable!)
    **We are making some code tweaks to Reckoning Points. Currently you will not build or spend them. Abilities that are intended to use Reckoning Points will currently cost 1000 Wrath.

  • L1 – Lay On Hands (Leverage immense celestial power to completely restore the Health of your target.)
  • L1 – Ward Undeath
  • L2 – Incite (Pally taunt)
  • L3 – Edit of Celestial Fury (Recite a sacred word of power, reflecting the next damaging melee attack, ability or spell back at the attacker and increasing your Wrath.)
  • L4 – Oathflame (A swift burst of celestial flame that lightly heals your target.)
  • L6 – Vengers Vow (Generate 1000 wrath and increases damage taken by 25% for 10 seconds.)
  • L7 – Oath of Might (Increase your Strength and Stamina by 1 for 12 minutes.)
  • L8 – Hymn of Devotion (Aura. Increases the outgoing healing of your group members by 10%.)
  • L8 – Wrathful Aegis (Radiate celestial flame around you in an 8 meter radius. Enemies inside this radius will generate increased Hate and take Divine damage over time.)
  • L9 – Halt Undeath
  • L9 – Lance of the Lightful (Impale the target with a bolt of celestial light, dealing Divine damage and Stunning targets below 25% Health for 3 seconds.)
  • L10 – Vigilance
  • L10 – Faithful Strike
  • L11 – Golden Aegis (Conjure the Golden Aegis, rendering you invulnerable to all damage and protecting you from Stun, Root and Mesmerize effects for 10 sec.)
  • L12 – Edict of Celestial Authority (Recite a sacred word of power, stunning the target for 5 seconds.)
  • L14 – Living Light (Restores the Health of an ally. After the heal occurs, jumps to the most injured group member within 20m.)
  • L15 – Oath of Valor (Increase your Strength and Stamina by 2 for 12 minutes.)


  • Mission timer increased to 2 hours.
  • First pass of synced doors than can be open/closed by players in Availia (expect locked doors with goodies inside for those who find the keys to be coming soon).
  • Expect named/boss NPCs to be more challenging.


  • Added a scroll bar to the left page of the quest journal.
  • Created an Audio tab for the settings window and added new volume sliders for SFX, Locomotion, and UI SFX.
  • Added a settings window option for interaction tooltips [those shown when mousing over things in the 3d world] that allows them to follow the mouse, or be positioned at any of the four corners of the screen, or turned off.


  • Weapon and Armor supply crates have been level-banded. They will now only yield weapons or armor within a level range appropriate for where they are found.
  • Please note that weapon and armor crates in higher level areas may need to be updated to the correct level range. This process is ongoing.
  • Additional armor has been added to armor crates. There are now armor sets available for each class.
  • The Soul Quartz item will no longer drop. It was doing bad things.
  • Ground spawn money bags (which were not working properly) have been removed from the game. These types of items may reappear at a later date.
  • As an experiment, several staff weapons (non-crafted) now offer a small spell critical bonus to spellcasters. We want to evaluate the impact of this stat on wizards and enchanters and collect feedback on whether it makes your equipped weapon feel more meaningful. Note that this is an experiment and that the bonus stat may be removed or changed in future patches.
  • New Supply, Ration, Weapon and Armor crates to be consistent with the new art style.
  • Quality of items found in item crates should now be more consistent with the level range/challenge of the area they are found in. I.e. weapon crates found in the Goblin Caves will have better weapons than the weapon crates found in Availia, etc.
  • Progress on the loose loot system. Expect to find a wider varieties of loose loot items in various places as you travel Thronefast.
  • A few new rare spawn NPCs have been added to the zone with very valuable loot rewards.


  • New musical tracks and ambient audio added.
  • Beginning pass of simple vocalizations for player characters, hobgoblins.
  • Several new SFX added for spiders, fire beetles, boars, bats and others.
  • Began hooking up several audio events for weapon swings/impacts.
  • Can now hear other player’s footsteps (range is extremely limited right now, will be increasing soon).
  • Hooked up support for NPC footsteps.
  • Surface-specific audio is much more fleshed out and consistent now for footsteps.
  • 1st pass climbing audio and vocalizations.
  • Several polishing passes on overall audio mix.
  • Added several new SFX for character vocalizations when climbing, jumping, combat attacks and taking damage in combat.
  • Several new weapon swing and impact SFX.
  • Added audio hooks for falling/jump landing SFX.
  • New music tracks.
  • New and improved wind SFX for cliffside and high wind areas.
  • New or additions to the following NPC SFX: Goblins, Bears, Boars, Skeletons, Spiders, Snakes, Fire Beetles, Toads.
  • Added audio event for woodcutting (temp sfx until original recorded) and mining pick impact, both near and far.
  • New container searching SFX.


  • Loading fixes related to black screen and stuck progress bars (more loading fixes on the way soon).
  • Several animation updates and sync improvements.
  • Significant bandwidth reduction when entities come into range.
  • Improved character fade when zoomed in.
  • Improved shadow quality.
  • Began importing NPCs to the same entity animation system that players use (step to optimize NPC animation syncing, and lay groundwork for robust illusion system).
  • Improvements for animating melee attacks while moving.
  • Improved blending of stealth spam while moving.
  • Adjusted weather so that it is not as dark at night during overcast and cloudy weathers.
  • Massive improvement to performance of the client overtime. Players should no longer see a degredation in performance after playing for longer periods of time.
  • Plugged several memory leaks.
  • Several optimizations that should result in net FPS increases for most players.
  • Updated collision async load priorities at lower lod levels.
  • Improvements to batch loading processes.
  • Improvements to multipositional audio computations.
  • Improved performance of UI Extraction timer.
  • Audio will only stream from LOD0 now.
  • Enabled image upscaling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where crafted item stats got broken when a player died.
  • Fix for stats not updating in the character sheet when changing armor.
  • Skinnable corpses should now properly behave as if they are dead (mostly) while being skinned.
  • Fixed a zone crash when skinning corpses.
  • Several issues that were contributing to the problem with crafted items becoming corrupted and losing stats have been addressed.
  • The crafting UI should now properly consume the required number of materials even if those materials are coming from separate stacks in the player’s inventory.
  • Possible fix for black screen staying up after clicking next button in the extraction results screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting window would sometimes pop back up when trying to close it.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting wouldn’t consume the proper materials sometimes when switching from one schematic to another.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting was consuming items from the wrong slot type.
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting process wouldn’t consume the proper amount of materials if a stack was split into multiple stacks, each with a quantity of one.
  • Fixed some issues with weather transitions.
  • Fixed issues with extraction portal effects so they correctly match a portal’s active status.
  • Fix for certain shadows not rendering.
  • Fix for very large streamed effects getting culled by max distance too early.
  • Fixed several crafting persist bugs.
  • Fixed several trading persist bugs.
  • Fixed terrain rendering and situations that would cause the terrain to show multiple LOD levels at once.
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse wheel wouldnt scroll the list of characters in the character select screen.
  • Fixed footstep audio on NPCs.
  • Fixed arcane anomoly ai start/stop audio events.
  • Fixed non-ocean water streaming.
  • Fixed some collision around wizard tower.
  • Fixed missing terrain collision on server.
  • Fixed melee auto attack impact audio events.
  • Fixed climbing audio not properly stopping.
  • Fixed NPCs not always snapping to ground.
  • Fixed a bug with the name of the item shown in a crafting slot changing to a generic description after crafting something.
  • Players in the tower will no longer see anyone elses corpse, only their own corpses.
  • Cleaned up some issues causing the ‘Skin’ button being displayed on the loot window before the corpse had been searched.
  • Fixed distant tree LOD visuals.
  • Fixed streaming assets not cleaning up between zone changes.
  • Fixed a bug where being hurt by a DOT would cause a player to retarget the dead NPC that put the DOT on the player.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to friend players that dont exist or arent online.
  • Fixed a zone crash when skinning corpses.

Archive: 10.25.23

Click for Archive 10.25.23 ↴

Class Abilities:

  • Wisdom should now properly contribute to spell power for Wizard and Enchanter.
  • The Enchanter version of Erudite Mind is now able to be cast on your group. The Wizard version remains single target.
  • Lyrith’s Grace is now able to be cast on your group.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Hush to 30 seconds.
  • Illusory Weakness moved from L15 to L6. Mana cost reduced from 10 to 6.
  • Runeskin now absorbs 50% of incoming damage, up from 25%.
    Enchanter Whisper Line:

  • Cast time reduced from 3s to 2s
  • Mana cost reduced for spells across the line have been reduced by 50%
  • Whisper now increases the character’s overall Mana regeneration rate, not the Resting Mana regeneration rate.
  • For Enchanter, reduced the cast time of Flux to 1s and added Mastery support for Fixate to match the Mastery progression of the Mez line
  • Enchanter ability Ghaven’s Wild Display is now unresistable
  • Enchanter ability Forceful Will moved to level 1
  • Enchanters can now buy Arcane Cords at level 4
  • Enchanters can now buy Startle at level 6. This is an earlier version of the Stupefy ability. Casting this will stun the target for 3 sec.
  • The cooldown on Startle And Stupefy has been reduced from 120 sec to 60 sec.
    Minor adjustments for Wizard:

  • Increased base damage of Cold Blast and Frost Blast by ~20%
  • Reduced cast time of Arcane Cords from 3s to 2s. Reduced cooldown from 40s to 30s.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Refocus from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
    Arcane Cords:

  • Reduced the cooldown of Arcane Cords from 30 sec to 3 sec
  • Reduced the root duration from 60 sec to 30 sec
  • Increased the Mana cost from 6 to 10
    Cleric Updates:

  • Adjusted the values to Faithful Strike to be more consistent with broader weapon technique changes.
  • Adjusted to a baseline of 50% weapon damage, healing for 50% of the damage dealt.
  • Mastery 1 = Increases weapon damage to 75%
  • Mastery 2 = Increases healing to 75% of damage dealt.
  • Mastery 3 = Increases weapon damage to 100% and healing to 100% of damage dealt.
  • Cleanse Poison is now Cleanse Weak Poison and has been moved to level 5. This ability is available from the Cleric scroll vendor.
    Shaman Updates:

  • Adjust Strike of the Snake line to apply Weak Poison
  • Cleansing Flame now cures 1 Disease effect instead of Poison
    Rogue Updates:

  • Adjusted Bloodletter to apply Light Bleed

Weapon Updates:

We will be consolidating the number of weapon techniques types to Piercing, Crushing, Slashing, Hand to Hand. Technique progression will look something like:

  • Skill 1: Base weapon technique (Shared)
  • Skill 10: Alternative base weapon technique (Shared)
  • Skill 30: Class specific weapon technique (Unique)
  • Skill 50: Class specific weapon technique (Mixed)
  • Skill 75: Class specific weapon technique (Unique)
    New weapon groups. These are the groups that fit into the new weapon system:

  • Piercing: Dagger, 1H Spear, 2H Spear
  • Crushing: Staves, Clubs, Maces
  • Slashing: 1H Sword, 2H Sword, 1H Axe, 2H Axe
  • Hand to Hand: Hand to Hand

  • Techniques will no longer scale with Readiness, but have a set cost

  • Base techniques will have a 5 second cooldown (pending feedback)
  • Techniques with more impactful effects will have a 20-40 second cooldown (pending feedback)
    States and Statuses

  • Here is a list of some of the states and statuses you can plan to encounter so far (more to come).
  • Poison (Weak / Strong)
  • Bleeding (Light / Heavy)
  • Vulnerable
  • Weakened
  • Disoriented
  • Dazed
  • Disarmed
  • Off-Balance
  • Knocked-Down
  • Armor Gap

  • We are (pending feedback) normalizing the duration of status effects (and the window to exploit them) to 10 seconds (Not including hard crowd control).
    Diminishing returns (future)

  • We will be adding DR to certain states and statuses to prevent players from abusing or always choosing certain statuses. You will have limited opportunities to impose strong status effects and will want to use them when the time is right.

  • We encourage you to explore different weapon usage based on the enemies you plan to face, your group composition, looking for synergy with other weapon types, and to combat enemy dispositions.

  • Finally, as part of the overall balancing pass, the relative power of all weapon techniques has been reduced to bring technique damage output on par with melee abilities and spells.

  • As you gain proficiency in your weapon skills, you should feel equipped to handle different situations in combat. Giving you the opportunity to not only deal more damage, but to impact the flow of combat in unique ways. We hope this gives you a sense of becoming more powerful as you explore Terminus and really start to find an identity in your character’s playstyle and choices.

Items and Loot:

  • Drop rates for shields and armor pieces have been adjusted upward across many humanoid NPCs.
  • The additional bags in character starting stashes are no longer tradable.
  • It is now possible to harvest wolfsbane from wild vegetables.
  • The effect for the Demith Baked Potato has been updated and should hopefully work a little better.
  • Additional drink items have been added to ration crates.
  • Some invalid food items have been removed from ration crates.
  • The stack size of flasks of water and amount found in ration crates has been increased.
  • The scavenger should now charge less for water than previously.
  • Additional fixes have been made to NPC loot tables. NPCs should now drop their intended loot more consistently.
  • You should no longer receive messages stating that there is nothing of value when looting when there actually is something of value (even coin).
  • Humanoid NPCs other than Gadai Bandits should now spawn with weapons in hand more frequently. These weapons may be looted after defeating them.
  • Gadai Bandits should now spawn with equipped weapons slightly less frequently.
  • Cultists are getting more serious. They’ve begun constructing their altars of Ulthiros in the areas where they gather.
  • Fixed some of the collision issues with the houses in the Thug/Burglar areas.
  • Fixed a few places where one of the Eleven would whisper you for no reason.
  • You should now be able to get multiple items as loot from NPCs or gathering nodes, instead of just one thing at a time.
  • Items that are supposed to drop every time you kill an NPC or gather from a node should now actually drop every time.
  • NPCs should now properly drop their equipped weapons again.
  • Items that are supposed to be rare drops (such as mastery shards) should now actually be rare drops.
  • The burlap cloth schematic you get from a task should now be usable.
  • Fixed a bug where you could have an empty inventory slot, but you get the “inventory is full” message.
  • Fixed a bug where stackable items could be looted even if there was no room for them in a player’s inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent players from swapping a weapon in their inventory with the one that was equipped unless they had an extra free slot in their inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tooltip was showing that some weapons, like short spears, were two-handed when they are actually one-handed.
  • NPCs that are meant to drop shields or similar items should now properly be dropping them. We really mean it this time.
  • NPC corpses should now remain in the world for up to 3 minutes before decaying, giving players more time to loot.
  • Weapon weights have been normalized throughout the game. Weapons of the same type will now have more consistent weight values regardless of their provenance.
  • Some redundant versions of weapons have been removed from weapon crates.

Visuals and Art:

  • Shadows and lighting transitions (such as moving into or out of a – cave/building) should now look better.
  • Grass and small plants are now affected by the wind.


  • New ambient audio is now available in the Tower and in Thronefast. Please note that audio integration is still underway.
  • Several new audio updates including new music, NPC audio, POI ambience, and foundation for the combat system audio is being laid.
  • Audio system development for containers and various wildlife
  • Updates to audio mixing in scene.
  • Fixed a bug where Thronefast ambience wasn’t playing after entering a mission
  • Further work on music system

Crafting and Gathering:

  • Crafting/Gathering professions should unlock earlier for players, and several tutorial-type tasks have been added to aid players in creating their first items.
  • Smelting should now work more consistently.
  • Skinning should now work more consistently.
  • Crafting stations should now not become bugged until logging out if you do not have the skill to craft an item.
  • You must now be at your workbench in the tower to craft bandages or splints.
  • Weapon Crafting has been fully enabled. To progress your knowledge as a weapon crafter, you may need to continue working on tasks for several of the Watchers in order to obtain all the schematics.
  • Cloth Crafting has been fully enabled. As with Weapon Crafting, you may need to continue working on tasks for several of the Watchers in order to obtain all the schematics.
  • It is now possible to craft wooden round shields. Additional shield types will be added in future updates.
  • It is now possible to craft small bags using cloth (with the appropriate skills and materials). Additional bag schematics will become available in future updates.
  • The progression formula for gathering skills has been adjusted.
  • Skills will now progress up to a cap based on the character’s level regardless of what type of node you are gathering from.
  • This will allow the harvesting skill to advance to the same cap as other gathering skills.
  • As a reminder, gathering skills help speed up the time it takes to gather as they progress. This progression formula will be further refined in the future when more areas and types of gathering nodes are available to players.
  • Burlap thread is now craftable.
  • Ration crate food/drink items may no longer be sold to vendors.
  • The campfire cooking set is now lifebound.
  • Skinned hides may now be tanned into leather.
  • Leather armor may now be crafted.
  • Additional bag types may now be crafted utilizing leather.
  • The Outfitting, Leatherworking, and Tanning skills now work with the correct crafting stations.
  • Skill caps for crafting skills should now properly be set to 5 points per level.
  • When a player doesnt have enough skill to use a particular schematic, it will now tell them how many points they need and list the skill needed by name.
  • Fixed a bug where the craft button was not being disabled when you didnt have enough materials to make the selected schematic.
  • Fixed a crafting bug that would allow people to endlessly craft without expending materials.
  • Crafted bag recipes have been adjusted and should now all be craftable.
  • Several bugs have been addressed with the crafting UI.
  • The sale values and rarities of material items from supply crates have been rebalanced.
  • Several NPCs now have higher chances to drop items.

Thronefast Content:

  • The NPC vendor in the old rogue hideout in Availia has mysteriously vanished…
  • Added more NPC population around Thronefast city to support those spawn points
  • Added over 100 additional supply crates throughout the zone
  • Added over 80 additional weapon crates throughout the zone
  • Populated Goblin Caves with Supply, Weapon and Armor Crates
  • You will now have an easier time finding Ironhide Boars and other higher level Task-related NPC pops.
  • Fixes for the Availia building materials.
  • Significant rework of Task flow to reduce the linearity of the merchant unlock sequence, improve the availability of early Task items (increasing crate drop chance and making them more likely to drop from early level NPCs).
  • Added new Hornet model
  • Increased spawn chance for Skitterfang Nightwatchers
  • Basic NPC leashing behavior has been enabled. NPCs now have a maximum distance of 200m (from their spawn point or nearest routine point) that they will pursue you. After exceeding 200m, they will give up chase and return rapidly to their spawn/nearest routine point, healing rapidly on the way. Please note that while this behavior is currently baseline for all NPCs, we will be adding unique pursuit mechanics to specific NPCs over time to create variance and a bit of unpredictability in this behavior.
  • With leashing in place, we have increased NPC run speed substantially. This means running away from something will take more concentration, careful use of your Sprint skill and management of your Endurance. It is tuned currently for a level 1 player with a Sprint skill of 1 to be able to outrun anything, but by the skin of your teeth. As you gain more Skill in sprint, items that add +Endurance and Movement Speed buffs come into play, outrunning most NPCs will become easier (which is where the special pursuit rules will come into play, to keep that from ever becoming permanently trivial).
  • Added new Supply Camp locations throughout Thronefast, but specifically in the areas immediately surrounding Thronefast city and generally on the Eastern side of Thronefast. Continued fleshing out the NPC pop in these areas to be a bit more dense. Also added the Ruffian NPC as the lowest level form of the “Thug” types. These can best be found in close proximity to many of the new supply camps. The goal is to make it a bit easier for lower level players to get on their feet if they get one of the spawn points near the city or on the Eastern side of the zone.
  • Cultists no longer drop the Clothier’s sewing needle.
  • Increased the area radius where the Ulthiran Presence objective can complete.
  • Fixed an issue where friends that were removed from the friends list wasn’t being saved properly.
  • Fixed a bug where auto attack wasn’t being turned on in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where corpses a player tried to skin would disappear in some cases.
  • Enabled light and heavy fog weather in Thronefast.
  • Nerf to Double Chop and Cross-Slash damage.
  • The cave system underneath the old spirit manor location has been overrun by spiders… beware those wicked webs.
  • Several new art updates to the goblin caves. Work is ongoing to update the rest of the art here.

The Watchers:

  • The tiered merchant inventory feature has been enabled on the Watchers in the tower. You should now find items and crafting schematics available for sale from each Watcher, and more items become available as you advance your standing with that Watcher.
  • NOTE: To unlock a tier you have to meet minimum numbers for: Your character level, your reputation earned with the vendor from doing tasks, and the amount of buying and selling you have done with the vendor.
  • With this change, the assistant NPCs in the Tower have been removed. The Watchers now handle their business directly.
  • With this change, a large number of crafting schematics have become available for use. Pleae note that sometimes the schematic you are looking for may come from a different Watcher than you might initially expect.
  • Additional tasks have been added.


These effects are about to get much more dangerous. Here’s the skinny:
Both Poison and Bleeds have two types for now:

  • Light and Heavy Bleeds
  • Weak and Strong Poisons
  • For players, Poison and Bleed effects will not wear off on their own. They will either have to be cured by a strong enough spell or cured through bandage/antidote items, or they will persist until the player is dead from the recurring damage.
  • Both Poison and Bleed now tick for a percentage of the player’s maximum health. The amount depends on whether it is a Light/Heavy Bleed or a Weak/Strong Poison. This is to ensure that enemies which can inflict poison or bleed effects are feared in every scenario, and proper precautions are taken against NPC that are capable.
  • Mild and Powerful Antidotes have been added to the Priest, Tier 1 and Tier 2 respectively – these are sufficient for curing 1 stack of Weak Poison or 1 stack of Strong Poison, respectively. Burlap Cloth Bandages are sufficient for curing 1 stack of Light Bleeding – these can be crafted or found in Supply crates.
  • Both types of Bleed and Poison can stack up to 3 times.
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