Pantheon Production Tracker

Pantheon Production Tracker

Welcome to the Pantheon development tracker. The top section (under construction) will contain current works in progress. Below, you will find the list of patch notes for the most recent updates to the test server, as provided to the testers. These will be updated throughout the month.

Epic Progress

An epic is large body of work made up of smaller tasks (example: the zone Avendyrs Pass, is an epic. NPC population or points of interests are tasks within that epic). Once a team has been assigned and begins work on an epic, a percentage progress bar will show the project’s progress. This allows the community to follow works in progress as it is being developed.

The progress bars were last updated 4.2.24


Scope of work: This is tracking the progress toward the first iteration of the zone. The overview, map layout, asset lists, and initial NPC population are included in this first pass. Once this is complete, we should have a minimally playable zone.


Scope of work: This includes concept art, modeling and texturing, rigging, armor, and additional animations. Currently, the Ogre is in armor fitting. This is a time consuming process as Ogres are the bulkiest race. The development plan
is to fit for the largest race first, then the smallest race (gnome) so that armor fitting is faster for the in-between size races. Each race has to be fitted to every piece of armor. Once armor fitting is complete,
the Ogre will be sent for rigging and animations.

Patch Notes: 03.29.24

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Patch Notes: 02.27.24

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Bug Fixes

  • Audio issues cutting out and randomly causing crashes has been fixed.
  • Bandages should now be able to cure the bleeding caused by the NPC ability “Mangle”
  • The mages of the Arcanery have been politely asked to stop their experiments on the local fox population. As a result, fox paws should now be the appropriate size for the age of the animal.

Crafting General

  • Crafting skills now cap at 3 points per level
  • Crafting skill gains will now occur in partial increments similar to combat skills.


  • The “Student’s Feast” food may no longer be crafted.
Patch Notes: 02.23.24

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Bug Fixes

  • Merchants in Avendyr’s Pass should now properly display their wares to adventurers. (Please let us know if you find any that are not doing so).
  • Genetic abnormalities in large bats have been corrected, and they should no longer drop mismatched teeth when killed.
  • Fixed an issue where %dt wasn’t working with three letter player names.
  • Possible fix for pets sometimes popping up and down while standing in place.
  • Fix for DoT damage not showing when the npc that put the DoT on the player was dead/despawned.
  • Possible fix for a case where players were getting stuck in combat.
  • Possible fix for pets fighting unseen enemies.

Avendyr’s Pass

  • Additional food and alchemy harvesting nodes have been added to some sections of Avendyr’s Pass that were lacking them.


  • Just in case you didn’t notice previously, you can now bind more keys, which makes Bronsun super happy.
Patch Notes: 02.22.24

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IMPORTANT AFTER THE NEXT WIPE, players will be able to make and use any character on any running server. This is subject to change in the future but for the time being your characters will not be locked to a particular server. General

Hot bar ability buttons can now be triggered in a macro with the /use command, such as “/use 1” to trigger the first ability button, with valid button numbers being 1-8.

Double tapping the target self key (F1 by default) will target your pet if you have one and it isn’t already targeted.

Bug Fixes

  • Mining nodes in Avendyr’s Pass should no longer respawn immediately in the same place.
  • Potential fix for incorrect NPC loot and experience on NPC death.
  • Potential fix for the issue where gathering nodes stop respawning over time.
  • Potential fix for an issue that would cause operations such as zoning and ability use to begin failing after the server had been up for a long time.
  • A status change (such as a buff expiring, or auto attack being toggled) should no longer interrupt a casting or gathering action.
  • Potential fix for items not being properly added to inventory while crafting.
  • Improved client performance in caves.
  • Improved client performance in AVP.
  • Fixed broken cave lighting in some places.
  • Fixed VFX not rendering at some POIs.
  • Fixed NPCs in some areas of Avendyr’s Pass being unable to move.
  • Fixed an issue where “/who joppa” didn’t show a player named “Joppa”.
  • Fix for pets UI starting offscreen for some resolutions on the first use.
  • Fixed one case where pets were being dismissed when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would sometimes spawn with buffs they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would sometimes appear to be fighting something invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where pets couldn’t attack some NPCs.
  • Possible fix for players getting stuck in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the social button on the main menu wasn’t closing the window if it was already open.
  • Pets should now be able to attack ghost vipers and other NPCs that players are able to attack.
  • No more ordering pets around while dead or in various states such as stunned, asleep, etc.
  • Fix for players getting stuck at the entrance to the goblin caves.
  • Fixed group chat not going to group members in other zones.
  • Fixed the craft button not being set to inactive during the crafting process.

Avendyr’s Pass

  • Additional food and alchemy gathering nodes have been added to some parts of Avendyr’s Pass


  • The merchant Volus was last seen fleeing into the mountains after it was determined that the goods he was selling were of dubious origin.
  • Several NPCs have been reminded of the importance of having their feet firmly planted on the ground in case of strong winds or low-flying birds. If you find NPCs who are seemingly disobeying gravity (and do not seem like they should be able to do so) please report their locations.


  • The deathbound flag has been removed from many dropped items that were not supposed to have it. If you find other items that are deathbound please report them so that we can make sure we got them all.



  • Clerics now receive Frail Barrier at level 3, Weak Barrier at level 10 and Barrier at level 18
  • Purify now only cures Weak Poisons. Clerics now receive Cleanse at level 15, which cures Weak and Strong Poisons.
  • Clerics receive Remedy at level 5 which cures Diseases.

  • Paladin now receives Valiant Cross at level 6


  • Integrate new ambient sounds in AvP for day
  • Incorporate Sketch theme Music into AVP
  • Implement dynamic music based on time of day
  • Compose new music for Night / Day in TF area
  • Introduce new music for Goblin cave
  • Mix audio for Wwise refactoring
  • Add SFX audio for trees and Ambience objects in AvP
  • Develop new music for Night in Throne fast area.
Patch Notes: 02.16.24

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  • Shamans can call their wolf companions at level 10 again. Awwooooo!
  • Lowered the reuse time on /stuck to five minutes.
  • More UI windows are now movable and/or allow for their scale to be changed by the user.
  • Players should now be able to equip an item from their inventory and have it swap with an item that is currently equipped even if their inventory is full.
  • Wait for it… The player window now remembers its position.
  • The pet command buttons for back off, guard, follow, and stay now show status indicators for the selected pet(s), so when a pet is following, it will have a small green dot lit on the follow button.
  • Each pet summoning ability is limited to just one summoned pet at a time.
  • Adjustments to make pets follow their master up and down hills better and path better over uneven ground.
  • Added some feedback to /assist to let the player know who they are assisting.
  • Players can now use %t and %dt to specify their offensive target and defensive target in chat commands and macros. So, typing “/assist %dt” (without quotes) will assist your defensive target.
  • Some adjustments to the Npc interaction window to better accommodate long task names and multiple quests.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would sometimes appear behind other UI elements.
  • Possible fix for players getting stuck in a release death loop.
  • UI window scale should now be loaded and restored correctly.
  • Possible fix for players getting stuck on the loading screen because their character was beneath the ground.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen in certain cases with group member UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue with merchants sometimes not displaying the items they have for sale.
  • Fixed the issue where clicking a bind stone multiple times would bring up multiple bind confirmation dialogs.
  • Partial fix for rain and snow in caves.
  • Fixed an issue where it would pop up the bind confirmation dialog from too far away from a bind stone to be able to bind.


  • Shaman are now able to summon a wolf companion at level 10. In the future, this ability will be the result of a quest rewards. For testing purposes, you can purchase it from the Shaman spell vendor for now.
  • Cleric – new ability added: Barrier (level 3). “Envelope the target in a luminous shield for 20 sec, absorbing damage up to 15% of their maximum health before dissipating.”
  • Paladin – new abilities added: Righteous Flame (Level 3). “Imbue your weapon with celestial flame for 20 sec, giving your attacks a chance to deal additional Divine damage.” Lightguard (level 5). “Imbue your weapon with celestial light for 3 sec, parrying the next source of Physical damage.”

Avendyr’s Pass

  • The first section of Avendyr’s Pass is now available for testing. As our seamless zoning technology is still being implemented, you will encounter a loading screen when going between Thronefast and Avendyr’s Pass. The need for a loading screen will be removed in a future update.
  • Many NPCs have been added to Avendyr’s Pass. Most are not friendly. Proceed with caution.
  • All NPCs in Avendyr’s Pass up to level 20 have been given loot to drop and skinning yields (if applicable).
  • Note: NPCs above level 20 have not yet been itemized and will not drop (much) loot. These NPCs will receive their items in an upcoming update.
  • Mining nodes have been added to most areas of Avendyr’s Pass.
  • Fiber harvesting nodes have been added to most areas of Avendyr’s Pass.
  • Food and alchemy harvesting nodes have been added to some areas of Avendyr’s Pass. More will be added in future releases.
  • Note: Woodcutting nodes will be enabled in Avendyr’s Pass in an upcoming update.
  • Crafting stations have been added to the village of Demith.
  • NPC vendors have been added to Demith and several other areas in Avendyr’s Pass.
  • Several campfires that may be used by adventurers for cooking and alchemy have been added to Avendyr’s Pass.


  • Most humanoid NPCs will now drop usable armor pieces slightly more often.


  • Adjustments have been made to mining node spawns in Thronefast



  • Further adjustments have been made to the number of ore lumps needed to create metal bars at low levels.
  • Smelting yields have been adjusted.

  • The number of materials required to refine thread/yarn and cloth have been increased.


  • The weight of crafted metal bars and ingots has been increased.
  • The weight of ore chunks has been slightly reduced.
  • Deer Eyes and Snake Skulls now correctly identify their source animal in the item name.
  • Wolves have been genetically altered to all share the same blood type.
  • Wolf Fangs should now be more consistent.
  • The weight of crafted bags has been adjusted.
  • The Stitched Cloth Shawl and Student’s Shawl may now be appropriately equipped as a shoulder item.
Patch Notes: 02.08.24

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Bug Fixes

  • Beetle legs may now be properly used in alchemy
  • Traveler’s Tea and Blackblood Tea now provide the correct effects when used.
  • Fixed an issue where a death animation and its sound effect were being played on a corpse when a player finished skinning it.
  • Fixed group member tooltip to only display when mousing over the class icon so that tooltip doesn’t interfere with group member buff tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with items not being moved into bags in the bank when right clicking them unless there was an empty bank slot.
  • Fixed an issue where auto attack wasn’t being turned off sometimes when your target died if you were fighting multiple mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where Npcs were starting an idle break immediately when they stopped moving.
  • Mastery points for all abilities should now save properly on new characters. Characters created before this patch may need to reallocate mastery points one final time for them to save properly.
  • Fixed some bugs with selecting player entries in the social window, which should fix the issue where it was sometimes sending tells and group invites to the wrong player.


  • Loot drops for most animal NPCs have been updated.


  • The weight of ore chunks has been increased.


  • Closing the schematics list window will also close the crafting window.


  • The amount of raw materials used to create metal bars and ingots has been increased.
  • Added confirmation dialog when using a bind stone so players don’t bind themselves without meaning to.


  • The schematics for lidded storage boxes and storage chests of all types have been updated with new requirements.
  • A schematic for medium box frames has been added.


  • The third skinning tutorial quest has been updated. The quest no longer requires a pristine wolf pelt but instead requires a (normal quality) wolf pelt. If you currently have this quest active in your journal, you may need to abandon and re-accept it.
  • The order of the Outfitter tutorial quests has been adjusted. If you currently have any of these quests active in your journal, you may need to abandon and re-accept them.
  • The Night Warden quest line has been updated to reflect current game mechanics.


  • Vendor prices on several items have been reduced to values more in line with the level range required to get them.
  • The effect of the Student’s Feast food has been reduced.
  • The cooldown for most alchemical potions has been reduced.
  • Most potions may now be used in combat and while at full health/mana.
Patch Notes: 01.26.24

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where skinning would sometimes show a timer and the bar would move in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t reported what was looted to players in the group.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a gathering node while already gathering would cause the gathering process to fail at the end.
  • Bags within bags can no longer hold items.
  • Mastery point selections should now properly save to character data.

Crafting – General

  • Schematics for Asherium Plates and Ashen Bronze Plates have been added to the Platesmith vendor.
  • The weight of Burlap Thread has been adjusted.
  • Item descriptions for several crafted foods have been updated to display the correct information.
  • The alchemy potion “Lesser Toxic Flask” will now properly require all of its ingredients.
  • It is now possible to sell crafted drinks to NPC merchants.


  • The Priest now refers to Jute by its proper name.
Patch Notes: 01.23.24

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User Interface

  • Schematic items in a player’s inventory can now be right clicked to move them into the schematics bag.
  • Storage boxes can no longer be put in equipped bag slots.
  • Adjusted the merchant items UI element to be able to accomodate longer item names.
  • Added a tooltip when mousing over a group member’s UI element that shows their name, class and level.
  • The endurance bar will no longer be defaulted to always show when the settings are set to default values.
  • Added mouse cursors for harvesting, skinning, and woodcutting when mousing over those gathering node types.
  • Adjustments to gathering mouse cursors and interaction tooltips to show them from further away.
  • Added an exit button to the game menu, which includes a confirmation prompt.
  • Added a tooltip and made some slight changes to the quest/task abandon button to make it more obvious what it is.
  • Adjusted notifications panel to be in the same relative location on different resolutions.
  • Pressing B when the codex is open will now close it again.
  • When right-clicking a schematic to move it to the schematic bag, a message will now be displayed.

Balance Changes


  • Celestial Healing line now has the following bonus Healing Modifiers: WIS 20%, CON 20%
  • Awaken Daring (L12) can now be cast on players outside of your group.
  • Mend Wounds spell is now available at level 2. “Cleanse an ally of 1 harmful Bleeding effect.”
  • Purify is now available at level 3. “Cleanse an ally of 1 harmful Poison and 1 harmful Disease effect.”

  • Improvement pass on resist rates overall
  • DoT spells (Cranial Pressure/Grip, Mind Vice) now have the following damage modifiers: INT 10%, CON 10%, CHA 20%
  • Reworked the initial and tick damage of the Cranial line to have more appropriate scaling in damage with higher ranks. Also reduced the Mana cost of the higher ranks.
  • Changed Discordant Divination, renamed to Discord. New description:
      ”Disrupt the target’s flow of thought, increasing the time it takes to cast spells by 300% for 2 minutes. This spell can only be active on one target at a time.”
  • Cast time for all Mez line spells reduced from 2.5 sec to 2 sec.
  • Cooldown for all Mez line spells has been reduced from 3 sec to 1 sec. All Mez lines spells have been removed from triggering or being affected by global cooldown.
  • Further reduced the base Mana cost of all Mez line spells by 20%, and reduced the base Mez tax amount by 50%.
  • Lyrith’s Calm is now available again to Enchanters at level 11, on a trial basis. Description: “Calm the target’s will, reducing their assist range by 40% for 3 sec.”

  • Soul Shuriken now causes Dampen Soul after hitting a target, reducing its assist range by 20% for 3 sec.
  • Increased the base projectile speed for Soul Shuriken and Chi Spear by 20%
  • Reduced Chi cost of Focus Chi from 1000 down to 500
  • Increased the Stun effect duration from Concussive Strike from 2 sec to 4 sec.
  • Increased the Knocked Down effect duration from Sweep from 3 sec to 4 sec.
  • Increased the duration of the Weakened State from Scorpion Kick to 10 sec.
  • Increased the duration of the Disarmed State from Scorpion Kick to 10 sec.
  • Filled out some missing animations.

  • Reduced Incite’s cooldown from 20 sec to 10 sec
  • Reworked the functionality of Oath of Might/Oath of Valor
      New description: “Your melee attacks deal additional Divine damage and generate a minor amount of bonus threat for 20 sec.”
      No cooldown, Wrath cost increased to 200
      Higher spell ranks will deal more Divine damage and have a larger amount of bonus threat.
  • New ability: Edict of Celestial Might (Level 5)
      Cost = 200 Wrath / Cooldown = 20 sec
      Description = “A sacred word of power that pulls a target within 20m   to your location.”
  • Hymn of Devotion now increases group’s outgoing healing by 20%

  • Reduced cooldown on traps reduced from 30 sec to 20 sec.
  • Rogue traps now share a cooldown.
  • Increased Opportunity cost for Rogue traps from 1 to 2.
  • Filled out some missing animations.
  • Escape Artist is now an Action ability instead of Utility.
  • Eviscerate’s Bleed will now stack appropriately, in line with Bloodletter’s Bleed.
  • Reworked Shadow Planning to simplify the set up. Description: “Carefully plan your next attacks from the shadows, increasing your physical critical chance by 10% for 5 sec. Requires Stealth.” Shadow Planning now has a 5 second cast time.
  • Opportunism now grants 1000 Readiness, up from 250. The cooldown has been increased from 12 sec to 30 sec.

  • All new Damage Modifiers for Fire/Cold/Shock spells now include INT 20%.
  • Fire damage spell modifiers are now STR 20% + INT 20%
  • Cold damage spell modifiers are now AGI 20% + INT 20%
  • Shock damage spell modifiers are now CON 20% + INT 20%

  • Warrior techniques have been added, they are unlocked through weapon skill (any).
  • Level 1 (Skill of 1): Forward Swing – 100% weapon damage, 10% bonus damage from the front – 1000 Readiness
  • Level 3 (Skill of 12): Mocking Blow – 50% weapon damage, 250% additional threat – 1000 Readiness
  • Level 10 (Skill of 33): Cross Strike – 50% weapon damage x2, Bypass 15% armor – 1000 Readiness
  • Level 18 (Skill of 57): Disarming Strike – 50% weapon damage, exploits fatigued state to disarm target for 10s –
    1000 Readiness
  • Level 25 (Skill of 78): Eviscerate – 50% weapon damage, applies light bleeding – 1000 Readiness

  • Hurry the Past should now properly consume, heal, and reapply active HoT’s from the caster
    • Mantle HoT stacking rules have been adjusted.

    • Higher ranks of Mantle will overwrite all forms of lower Mantle ranks, including mastery. I.e. Mantle of the Stream will overwrite Mantle of the Mist (Mastery 3).
    • Higher Mastery ranks of the same line will now overwrite lower Mastery ranks of the same line. I.e. Mantle of the Stream M2 will overwrite Mantle of the Stream M1.
    • Mantle spells of the same spell and Mastery rank should still stack. I.e. Mantle of the River M3 from Shaman A should stack with Mantle of the River M3 from Shaman B.
    • **These changes are temporary, in prep for a deeper pass on stacking rules. This is a stopgap measure to keep Shaman healing from trivializing content atm.
    All Classes:

  • Many spells and abilities have undergone a first pass at removing excessive threat generation. If you note more abilities that seem to be generating far more threat than their effect (or not enough), please report them in PA feedback.
  • *Please note this is only the first pass on threat, it mostly normalizes action’s threat, it’s still missing additional elements to make it feel “right”. It should be a noticeable improvement to previous builds.

Itemization Notes and Gathering/Crafting Adjustments

  • You will note several adjustments to the availability of some types of gathered materials in this update. These types of adjustments will continue in upcoming updates.
  • The goal of these changes is to make stronger crafting materials less available at low levels than they have been in past PA sessions. These adjustments are part of our continuing shift into a longer-term itemization strategy that better matches the content we have planned for the game.

Gathering Updates


  • The way that gathering works has been substantially revised to function better and support some of the features that we want to be able to add in the future.
  • When beginning gathering, a free inventory slot is no longer required to swap you to your gathering tool.
  • Gathering nodes (and skinnable corpses) no longer have hit points or take damage in the way that NPCs do.
  • Gathering nodes (and skinnable corpses) can no longer be set as your offensive target. You still right-click the node to begin gathering.
  • Gathering tools no longer have damage or delay values.
  • The time it takes to gather from a node or skin an animal is now calculated based on the target of your gathering, your skill level in that type of gathering, any gathering equipment that you may be wearing, and the effectiveness rating of your gathering tool.
  • In general, the time required to gather from most small-sized nodes or NPC corpses has been substantially reduced compared to the previous iteration.
  • In general, more exotic materials will take longer to gather from. You can decrease the time required with better tools and higher skill.
  • Large and Huge nodes are sized for groups of players and will take much longer to gather from when solo.
  • When gathering as a group, the initial time required is determined by the person who starts gathering, and group members helping will reduce that time further.
  • If you are interrupted or change focus while gathering the time required will be reset.

Gathering – General

  • Gathering skills are now properly capped at 5 points per level.
    Harvestable Plants:

  • Spawn behavior for plant nodes has been adjusted to provide a better distribution of gatherable plant types.
  • The amount of fibers obtained from plants such as Jute and Cotton has been slightly reduced.
  • Additional wild vegetable nodes have been added to Thronefast.
  • Hemp has been renamed to Jute to make the memes more challenging.
  • The kingsbloom node type has been renamed to Flame Lily to better correspond with its updated model.

  • The distribution of pelt types (low/normal/high quality) has been adjusted for low level NPCs. Chances of receiving better quality pelts are now tied more closely to the level of the NPC.

Crafting Updates

    Crafting – General:

  • Vendor prices for some schematics have been normalized (thank you for the reports about these).
  • Improved/Strengthened components should now work properly in dropped schematics.
  • The Alchemist is no longer attempting to undercut players by offering Flux for free.
  • The platesmith vendor now has asherium and ashen bronze kite shield schematics for sale.
  • Schematics for crafting materials that are not currently intended to be used in gameplay have been removed from vendors. These schematics will be reintroduced at a later time.
    Crafting – Blacksmithing:

  • Celestium Dust may no longer be used in basic weapons. It is still possible to use Celestium Dust in strengthened weapons.
  • Some aditional starter tasks have been added
    Crafting – Cooking:

  • New cooking combinations have been added.
  • New brewing combinations have been added.
  • Additional cooking and brewing tasks are now available.
    Crafting – Woodworking:

  • Shield handles are now craftable at the woodcarving station
  • Celestium Dust may no longer be used in basic weapons. It is still possible to use Celestium Dust in strengthened weapons.- Additional tutorial tasks have been added.
  • Storage boxes now require a component (a frame) in their construction. – – Additional wood types may now be used in the construction of storage boxes.
    Crafting – Alchemy:

  • Alchemy combinations have been reworked based on tester feedback.
  • A separate schematic has been added for Alchemical Flux
  • All current alchemical potions now require each of the following: a plant ingredient, a blood ingredient, an additional reagent ingredient, and a mineral.
  • Many alchemical ingredients now have more information listed in their description.
  • Alchemy hints have been updated.
  • An additional alchemy tutorial task has been added.
  • The negative effects of many potions have been removed in order to better evaluate their utility in adventuring content. Negative effects may be reinstated in the future as a balancing mechanism.
  • Crafted Potions should no longer have a minimum required level.
  • Crafted Potions should now correctly enforce their cooldown when used.
    Crafting – Outfitting:

  • The number of fibers required to make thread and yarn has been reduced. In future updates, thread and yarn will be used directly in crafting recipes in addition to being used to make cloth.
  • As a result of changes in skinning it is now more difficult to craft stronger types of leather for use in armor or other items. This is intentional and will be balanced as higher-level content areas come online with higher-level animals to hunt and skin.
  • An additional tutorial quest has been added for outfitting and the tutorial quest progression has been reworked.
  • Cloth Panels and Leather Panels should now work correctly in items that require them.
  • Leather panels should now be craftable and ask for the appropriate materials.


  • Several older quests have been removed or adjusted to help reduce confusion for new players.
  • Several broken quests that depended on mechanics that are no longer present in the game have been removed.

NPC Abilities

  • The activation / cast time of most NPC abilities has been updated to 2-3 seconds (with exceptions). This should allow players more time to process and react to NPC decisions. Feedback is welcome for any abilities that seem too fast or slow with these adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with encumbrance not being updated at death and encumbrance buffs shouldn’t get stuck on anymore.
  • Fixed the bug where the UI element for a group member would remain when that player left the group.
  • Fixed a bug where resting while starving would kill the player.
Patch Notes: 12.06.23

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Quick Overview of General Itemization Changes:

Over the course of the next several updates, and especially as more areas of our world come online we will be adjusting the game’s itemization to improve the pacing of item upgrades and help make acquiring new equipment a more meaningful and memorable part of Pantheon. For those of you who have been testing, this means that you will see item upgrades coming less frequently on new characters than they did in the past, and that powerful items such as equipment with attribute bonuses will become more difficult to obtain or to create at low levels.

Along with this change, we are also moving to an approach where more specialized equipment types come into play later in your character’s journey. In simple terms this means that you will see fewer class-specific items at low levels, and that over time you will begin to move into equipment types that are tuned specifically for your role or your class. As an example of that, most armor available at low levels will be simple cloth or leather, with chain and plate armor becoming available at higher levels. This applies equally to NPC drops, vendor items, and crafted equipment.

Testing Focus Areas

  • NPC Itemization (see below)
  • All crafting changes (see below)
  • Class changes (see below)
    • NPC Itemization info for testers:
      You should see non-named NPCs dropping specifically-named sets of armor and weapons:

    • Patched Cloth
    • Stitched Cloth
    • Roughspun Cloth
    • Patch-Hide Leather
    • Soft Leather
    • Rusted Chain
    • Rusted/Weathered Weapons
    • Tarnished/Simple Weapons
    • Worn Weapons
  • If you see a non-named NPC dropping any other type of armor or weapon, please let us know which NPC it was so that we can update that NPC appropriately.


    Items and Economy
  • NPCs throughout the Forelyn have been updated with new sets of dropped weapons and armor, in line with our new itemization approach. No rare items were harmed by this process.
  • Vendors within Availia now have new weapons and armor available for sale. Be advised, these items are not cheap.
  • Some leather armor sets have been set to use different visuals while the issues with leather armor are being addressed.
  • Beetle Pinchers will now stack.
  • Tasks that are initiated through right-clicking on an item in your inventory should now work properly.
  • NPC dialogue related to finishing a task should now properly be shown when you complete the task.
  • Gathering nodes of various types have been added to the area around the spirit manor.
  • Visual models for gatherable trees have been updated.
  • Visual models for some harvestable plants have been updated.
    Crafting – General
  • It is now possible to use items of the type Reagent properly in cooking, brewing, and alchemy recipes.
  • With the introduction of alchemy, Flux is no longer available for sale on vendors in Availia.
    Crafting – Blacksmithing
  • The metal formerly known as Tin is now referred to as Asherium
  • The alloy formerly known as Bronze is now referred to as Ashen Bronze
  • Schematics for Asherium (Tin) Chain and plate armor are no longer available for purchase.
  • Schematics for Ashen Bronze (Bronze) plate armor are no longer available for purchase. It is still possible to craft chain armor from Ashen Bronze.
  • Skill requirements for armorsmithing schematics have been adjusted as a result of the above changes.
  • The skill requirement to create strengthened armor components has been reduced. These components are used in higher-end armor recipes.
  • Celestium Dust may no longer be used on basic armor components. It is still usable on strengthened armor components.
  • Chain and Plate armor types made from dropped schematics now require a strengthened component to be used in their construction.
  • The skill requirement for dropped schematics has been increased.
  • Bucklers may no longer be crafted by blacksmiths
  • Kite shields and tower shields may now be crafted by blacksmiths
  • Kite shields may be crafted with any available metal. Tower shields may be crafted starting with cobalt.
  • AC values and weights for crafted chain armor, plate armor, kite shields, and tower shields have been adjusted due to the above changes.
    Crafting – Woodworking
  • Kite shields and tower shields may no longer be crafted by woodworkers.
  • Bucklers may now be crafted by woodworkers.
  • AC values and weights for crafted bucklers have been adjusted due to the above changes.
  • Crafted Storage boxes will now automatically set characters to Heavily Encumbered if they are equipped in bag slots.
  • Crafted Storage boxes now take additional resources to create.
  • The slot size of crafted storage boxes has been slightly reduced.
    Crafting – Outfitting
  • Basic cloth armor has been consolidated into a single set of schematics. Basic schematics for monk-specific armor may no longer be purchased. Brother Gareth has embarked on a pilgrimage to strengthen his mind and body and is no longer present in Availia.
  • The skill requirement to create improved or strengthened armor components has been reduced. These components are used in higher-end armor recipes.
  • Celestium Dust may no longer be used on basic armor components. It is still usable on Improved or Strengthened armor components.
  • The Dust types that may be used on some cloth armor components have been adjusted.
  • Cloth and Leather armor types made from dropped schematics now require an improved or strengthened component to be used in their construction.
  • Leather pauldrons now require more leather in their construction.
  • The progression of leather materials has been rebalanced. Skill requirements and schematic prices have changed as a result.
  • AC values and weights for crafted cloth and leather armor have been adjusted due to the above changes.
  • Crafted Bags have been reworked. All bags now require a component (either a cloth or leather panel) in their construction.
  • New bag and panel schematics are available on outfitter vendors.
  • The first bag that players can craft is now an 8-slot bag.
  • As outfitters progress, they can craft additional bag types which have more slots and come with penalties, or fewer slots and come with minor bonuses.
  • The Armor Scales recipe now produces the correct component.


  • Removed the damage modifiers from Strike of Breaking and reduced it’s damage. New description: “Strike at a weak point in the target’s armor, dealing 25% weapon damage and reducing the target’s Armor Class by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Generates 1 Battle Point.”
  • Pulverize now has a 5 second cooldown and costs 2 Battle Points.
  • Major changes to Wizard spell resist rates in prep for the upcoming resist changes overall. This is a test – I’m using the class that has been most negatively effected by resistances to see how much this moves things in the right direction.
  • Added damage modifiers to the different spell schools.
  • Cold damage spells are now modified by your Agility
  • Lightning spells are now modified by your Constitution
  • Fire spells are now modified by your Strength
  • Burning Weapon damage proc reduced in damage
  • Added Fervent Strike at level 2. “Attack with conviction, dealing 25% weapon damage, generating 50 Wrath and adding a small amount of Threat to the target.”
  • Renamed Ward Undeath to Shock Undeath and Halt Undeath to Smite Undeath. This ability now gets bonus damage based on your Consitution and Wisdom.
  • Removed the cooldown from Edict of Celestial Fury
  • Oathflame healing should now scale in power much more effectively with levels.


  • Strike of the Snake damage (and other NPC Shaman DoTs) have been nerfed even harder.


  • Updated male and female run animations while holding weapons.


  • Fixed a bug with quests started from an item not popping up the window for the quest.
  • Fixed some harvestable tree animation issues so they all should fall down properly now.
  • Dead NPC names now include a corpse tag, so a bat that dies will have its name changed to bats corpse.
  • Player remnances are now referred to as corpses.
  • The /help command now optionally allows players to get help about a command by specifying the name of the command.
Archive: 12.02.23

Click for Archive 12.02.23 ↴

Warrior Class is now online!

  • Taunt (Level 1)
  • Strike of Breaking (Level 2) – “Strike at a weak point in the target’s armor, dealing 50% weapon damage and reducing the target’s Armor Class by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Generates 1 Battle Point.”
  • Storm (Level 4) – “Charge at the target with furious speed, stunning them briefly. Generates 1 Battle Point.”
  • Shield Block (Level 5) – “Raise your shield to block all incoming physical damage for 2 sec.”
  • Shield Slam (Level 6) – “Slam the target with your shield, dealing 50% weapon damage, interrupting spell casting and Silencing the target for 6 seconds.”
  • Last Stand (Level 7) – “Stand your ground, increasing your Block Chance and incoming healing by 50% for 10 sec. Only usable when your Health is below 40%.”
  • Furious Howl (Level 8) – “Release a furious howl, increasing the physical damage of your group by 20% for 20 sec.”
  • Pulverize (Level 9) – “Deals 150% weapon damage and causes Disempower on targets with less than 40% health, reducing their outgoing physical damage by 20% for 10 sec.”
  • Rageful Shout (Level 10) – “Unleash a rage-filled shout, refreshing the cooldown of your Taunt ability.”


    • Reckoning Points are now functioning properly. Reckoning Points generate passively for Paladins with the following parameters:

    • The 1st Reckoning Point takes 60 seconds to generate and become usable
    • The 2nd Reckoning Point takes 120 seconds after the first one generates
    • The 3rd Reckoning Point takes 300 seconds after the second one generates
  • Paladins were locked out of generating Wrath for 0.5 sec after an incoming damage event. This lockout window has been decreased to 0.25 sec.
  • Wrath generation from DoTs has been reduced to 10 Wrath per DoT damage tick, but is no longer subject to the 0.25 sec lockout.
  • Incoming critical melee damage now increases Wrath by 150, and incoming critical spell damage increases Wrath by 200.


  • Adjusted the way Shadow Planning works. New description: “Carefully assess an enemy from the shadows, increasing your critical chance by 2% every sec while this buff lasts. Requires Stealth.”
  • Sprint to the Shadows sprint speed bonus has been reduced from super human levels.
  • Fixed a bug with stealth where everyone could see the stealthed rogue, but the rogue couldnt see them.


  • Wizard Glint now has no cost.


  • Corrected an issue causing NPCs to swing their weapons and cast spells much less frequently than intended.
  • Several more NPCs now have abilities that properly scale in power as they get higher level.
  • Fixed NPC Strike of the Snake damage.
  • If a player wouldn’t get experience for an NPC they are fighting, they wont get skill ups from it either.


  • Added several new weapon-based combat animations for player characters and NPCs.
  • Sheathing weapons is now considered when choosing which set of locomotion animations to play
  • Several updates to NPC armor models, model skinning improvements and visual variety of NPCs.
  • New armor models are propagated throughout player itemization.
  • Reskinned cloth robes to support new cloth physics.
  • Female characters are now animating properly and armor models are showing properly.
  • Fixed several model anchor points to ensure spell effects on showing on the correct body locations.
  • Finished the Spirit Manor POI, added new layout elements and overgrowth.
  • Visual updates to the Gloom Fracture environment.
  • Visual updates to the environmental ambience surrounding the Spirit Manor.
  • Several updates to set dressing in Availia, including the internal furnishings of dwellings.
  • Implemented new grass and tree wind shader.
  • Improved texture quality of the Elkhorn and Butternut trees.
  • Fixed collision issues inside various dwellings in Availia.
  • Heavy fog has lost a bit of weight and is no longer quite as heavy.


  • Spirit Manor has had a population pass update.
  • Arcanery starting area has had several updates to improve the amount and variety of its NPC population.
  • Pool of Paths starting area now has a larger NPC population
  • Several of the Gadai camps have had more spawns added to them.
  • Low level NPC respawn rate has been reduced to 3 minutes.
  • Began process of overhauling our rare NPC spawn chance and the rare loot drop chance of those NPCs.
  • A few new Tasks have been added to the Arcanery starting area.


  • Male and Female vocalizations should be consistent across characters and NPCs now
  • All current player abilities are now properly hooked up to the new spell audio system.
  • Several new music tracks, player and NPC SFX, and overall mixing improvements


  • The merchant and bank windows will now close automatically when a player moves too far away from the banker/merchant.
  • The skills list in the character sheet is now in alphabetical order.
  • The craft schematics list window is now closed automatically when the crafting window is closed.
  • Added support for the vendor sale price of crafted items to be based on the material type used to craft them.
  • Minor changes to currency UI to make it easier to click on currency and to display tooltips.
  • Players can now use the /time command to display the current game hour.
  • The /drag command now optionally supports dragging a corpse by supplying the name of the player whose corpse should be dragged.
  • Corpse dragging should work a bit better now and the corpse will teleport to the player doing the dragging if it gets stuck.
  • EXP for NPC kills should be more consistent across the board.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where casting would successfully complete if the player moved while casting.
  • Fixed a crash related to crafted items that don’t have a primary material.
  • Fixed an issue where the male and female buttons in character create were using the wrong images.
  • Fixed a character creation bug where switching to female and then changing the character class would switch back to a male model.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs were not rendering weapons in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where skill was being increased more than it should have been on skill ups.
  • Fixed some issues with player corpses where bags would get put in bag slots in a different order when a player looted their corpse, and the bags would then be unusable until the player logged out and back in.
  • Fixed a bug with the bank deposit button where it wasnt depositing all of your coins sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where quests that required items to complete them could be completed if the player had the item in their bank or stash. They need to be carried by the player now, so no more throwing heavy packages into the bank and making the run without them to complete the quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the bank item slots werent being updated when a player deleted an item in the bank.
  • Possible fix for the dying immediately after releasing if the player died while being hit by multiple mobs.
  • NPCs should no longer despawn due to day/night change if they are dead.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasnt checking distance to the banker for interactions with them, so players could leave the bank window and/or bank bags open and move items in and out of the bank from anywhere in the zone.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-attack wasnt being turned on automatically according to the users chosen setting.

Gathering and Crafting Skill Unlocks

  • A new set of crafting and gathering tutorial tasks have been added to the game. Some of the old crafting and gathering tasks have been removed as a result.
  • When starting a new character, you will have a note in your inventory that begins a task to talk to the Scavenger in Availa. The Scavenger will unlock your gathering skills and provide you with starter tools. He also has a series of tasks for each gathering skill that you can optionally go through.
  • To unlock crafting skills and optionally undertake starting tasks for each one, talk to the following NPCs: The Armorer, The Clothier, The Carpenter, The Artificer, The Tavern Keeper, and The Alchemist. You can find these NPCs inside various houses and buildings in Availia. Please note that the skills are unlocked immediately and you do not need to undertake the tasks to begin crafting, although the tasks will grant you a few schematics to work with.

Items and Economy

  • Some vendor-purchased weapons and armor have increased in price.
  • Normal/non-magical weapon and armor drops for several NPCs have been updated to better reflect our planned itemization approach. No rare drops were harmed in the implementation of these changes.
  • Additional items have been added to some NPCs to support alchemy recipes.
  • In-game models for armor and some shields have been updated. Please report any items you find that do not properly display on your character.
  • The stack size of drink items has been increased.
  • The emblems and sigils dropped by some NPCs may now be traded or sold.
  • Vendor purchase prices for crafted bags have been significantly reduced.
  • Many other items have had their vendor purchase prices adjusted as economic tuning for level 1-15 is ongoing.


  • Celestium dusts can no longer be gathered from Asherite Ore, Pine Trees, Blackberry Bushes, Hemp Plants, Wild Vegetables, or from skinning low-level NPCs.
  • Several new types of Harvesting nodes have been added to support alchemy. Some of these plants only appear during the day or at night.
  • The minimum amount of material gathered from many normal sized nodes has been increased.
  • Gathering yields for fibers (hemp, cotton, and flax) has been increased.
  • The stack sizes of many gathered resources have been increased.
  • Some mining node spawn points have been altered for risk/reward considerations.

Crafting – General

  • Prices for the first two sets of crafting schematics in most professions have been reduced.
  • A carpentry workbench has been added to Availia.
  • Several crafting stations have been moved to be near the NPC that grants the appropriate skills.
  • A laboratory has been added in the Alchemist’s house.
  • Crafting vendors have also been relocated to be near the NPC that grants the appropriate skills.
  • The campfire cooking set available for purchase should now work properly.
  • The number of pelts required to refine tattered leather has been increased.

Crafting – Jewelcrafting

  • The schematics for copper bands, copper chain necklaces, and copper stud earrings have been reworked and should now be functional. These schematics now require a component (a signet) in their manufacture.
  • Schematics for signets are now available on the jewelcrafting vendor.
  • The effects for zircon gemstones have been changed.
  • The effects for other types of gemstones have been rebalanced.

Crafting – Alchemy

  • The first iteration of alchemy has been added to the game. Both offensive and defensive items may be created.
  • As with cooking, you may use any campfire as a crafting station for alchemy, as well as the Alchemy workbench in Availia.
  • Alchemy uses a variety of ingredients including NPC drops and gathered resources.
  • In this initial iteration, Alchemy combinations can be quite complicated and require up to five different ingredients to create. To help players with learning Alchemy combinations, hints have been added to the world.
  • Hints to help you decipher alchemical combinations can be found in various places throughout the world.
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