Dark Myr


The treacherous Rogue is far more than a trickster. With her daggers, she is a ruinous force that smiles at the dark places and unravels her enemies with terrifying efficiency.

In the shifting sands of this fragile era, Rogues are sought out for the faceless affairs of nations. Yet their allegiance is rarely to a banner or creed, but to themselves. With daggers drawn, the treacherous Rogue is a ruinous force, unraveling their enemies with terrifying speed and efficiency. As melee specialists, Rogues have trained extensively with one-handed weapons, but are most deadly with a dagger in their main hand, plunged deep into the back of their enemy.

While exceptionally skilled with dagger and blade, Rogues avoid combat unless it is on their terms. Masters of subterfuge, they plot their move from the shadows to avoid detection. They will find an opening of opportunity, or rely on their alchemical talents to create one themselves. When the moment arrives, there are few on Terminus who can match the deadly precision of a Rogue’s onslaught. And fewer still who can disappear in the wake of such carnage as if they were never there.

Group Role: Damage
Combat Resource: Readiness, Opportunity
Available Armor: Cloth, Leather
Available Weapons: Dagger, Short Spear, Long Spear, Sword, Edged, Axe, Club, War Hammer, Mace, Fist Weapon, Short Bow, Crossbow


Deals 100% weapon damage as physical damage and grants 1 Opportunity. Grants 2 Opportunity when executed from target’s side.


Lacerate the target, dealing 120% Weapon damage and inflicting Bleeding, dealing 50% of damage dealt as Physical damage over time. Costs 1 Opportunity.

Shadow Walk

Walk in the shadows, making it hard for most enemies to detect you by sight or sound. While Shadow Walking, you will generate 1 Opportunity and 250 Readiness ever 2 sec and Movement Speed is reduced by 40%.

Sinister Strikes

Consumes all Opportunity points to activate. While active, the damage of your combat Techniques is increased by 15% for each Opportunity point consumed. Using a combat Technique will immediately end Sinister Strikes, unless the Technique is used while Shadow Walk is active.

Springwire Trap

Place a trap for 60 sec that will coil around the feet of the first enemy to approach, Rooting them in place for 60 sec. Damage dealt will break the Root effect. Requires Stealth. You can only have 2 traps active at the same time. Costs 1 Opportunity.

Umbral Edge

Deals 100%-200% Weapon damage to target and reduces its Accuracy by 10% for 24 sec. Damage scales with Readiness.

Explosive Trap

Place a trap that will explode when the first enemy approaches, dealing Fire damage to that target. Requires Stealth. You can only have 2 traps active at the same time. Costs 1 Opportunity.


Scatter caltrops at the target location for 30 sec. All enemies will have their movement speed reduced by 75% while stepping on the caltrops. Costs 1 Opportunity.

Toxin Craft: Synthetic

Create 5 vials of synthetic toxin. Applying this toxin to your primary weapon will give it a chance to deal additional Chemical damage to enemy.


Deals 300% weapon damage. Must be behind your target. Requires a Piercing weapon.


Deals 300% weapon damage. Must be behind your target. Requires a Blunt or Slashing weapon.

Corrosive Brew

Throw a flask of corrosive toxins at the target, reducing Armor Class by 15% for 5 min. Costs 2 Opportunity.

Ambidextrous: Passive

Gain unique bonuses based on your off-hand weapon type. Piercing will increase Haste by 5%. Slashing reduces off-hand damage penalty by 10%. Blunt grants off-hand attacks 5% chance to Stun for 1 sec.

Smoke Trick

Throw a vial at an enemy’s feet that releases mesmerizing toxins, incapacitating them for up to 18 sec. Any damage dealt to the target while mesmerized will break the effect. Duration increased by 50% against Disoriented targets. Requires Stealth. If used while target is Stunned by Flash Bomb, target will lose all threat against the caster.

*Not a complete ability list

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