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The Game

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a deeply social high fantasy MMO
game that challenges its players and rewards effort.

Welcome to the planar fantasy world of Terminus. Uncover its secrets, forge
friendships or cultivate rivalries—make it your own. Regardless of your choices,
one thing is certain: you’re going to want allies.

Explore the rich landscape of fragmented civilizations, forced together by massive planar collisions and become part of the world itself as it tells its story.


Seek adventure in every direction, including vertically
with an exclusive and thrilling climbing system.

Keep a keen eye and a sharp ear through the perception system as the world
itself reveals its secrets through the environment.

Gain entry into harsh climates to conquer even greater challenges by
way of a robust acclimation system.


No hand holding. No easy mode.
The greater the risk, the greater
the reward. Bring friends.
You’ll need ‘em.


Running through a dungeon isn’t a
matter of five minutes and some area
effect spells. Encounters take thought,
strategy, and teamwork. Know your role,
and pray your allies do too.


Are you a laser-focused damage dealer or a heroic healer who keeps your party
alive? Are you the damage-absorbing tank, or do you prefer to orchestrate
encounters by crowd control? Choose from 9 distinct races and 12 compelling
classes with unique skill sets to venture alone or to support a group.

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