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The Game

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a deeply social high fantasy MMO
game that challenges its players and rewards effort.

“It has been 500 years since the Deicide War severed the connection between the people and their gods. The Ravaging Lord pushed nations across Terminus to near extinction before the Dragon King himself appeared and brought an end to the bloodshed.

Now, the denizens of Terminus must uncover the mysteries of their past and unlock the silenced power of their gods. For war will come again. And this time the dragons won’t be there to save you.”


Explore a Vast Open World

Journey across three continents in a seamless, open world where anything seen can be reached. Discover hidden paths, secret encounters, and rare treasures in a world without boundaries.


Climb nearly any surface and seek adventure in every direction, unearthing secrets both above and below.


Discover clues, dialogues, and outcomes that change based on your adventures and the choices you’ve made along the way. Hone your intuition to see the world in ways others cannot and unravel the mystery with the Perception System.

Unique Skills

From teleportation to conjuring rafts and bridges, there are a myriad of ways to traverse Terminus. What else will you discover in your adventures, and what other paths will reveal themselves when you do?

Plunder the Depths

Delve into scopious, player-populated dungeons where every cavern may lead to treasure, battle, or a new friendship. Charge recklessly into the fray to be the first to claim glory, or prove your heroism by lending your strength to other players in need.

Brave the Elements

As treacherous as any monster, the environments of Terminus present their own trials to overcome and rewards to reap.


Six brutal climates await intrepid adventurers in the far reaches of Terminus. Equip your character to acclimate against them as you ascend windswept peaks, dive to crushing depths, and explore the diverse and dangerous biomes of Terminus.


Supernatural forces take root where the veil between worlds thins. Discover specialized artifacts to meet the challenges posed by these unique environments and drive back the invasive powers within.


Hidden things stir when the curtain of night falls on Terminus. Revisit old haunts and previously conquered corners of the world to uncover secrets that only emerge in darkness.

Sculpt Your Story

Choose from 9 distinct races and 12 compelling classes to create your character. Brave the dangers of Terminus to grow in power and lend your unique talents to battle, or use your class’s specialized skills to augment others, alter the environment, or provide valuable services to fellow adventurers.

Unlock Your Potential

Achieve greater power through the Mastery System. Invest the experience you’ve gained to enhance your skills and attributes, growing your character to fit your preferred playstyle.

Fortify Your Legacy

Deeds on Terminus reverberate through a complex web of interconnected factions. Grow your legend as a champion of your people or turn against them to curry favor with your foes, wielding your reputation to unlock new opportunities in the endless land.

Stand Your Ground

Go toe-to-toe against a menagerie of monsters in challenging combat where strategy, knowledge, and teamwork make the difference between victory and defeat. Aid your allies in one of four distinct roles: Tank, Healer, Damage, or Support, and choose from a wide variety of class skills to create your custom loadout.

Dispositions & Traits

The denizens of Terminus are myriad and varied, capable of spawning with a multitube of different behaviors which alter their behaviors and strategies in combat ensuring that no two adventures are ever alike.

Enemy Awareness

Perceiving their surroundings and opponents, enemies choose their actions and tactics based on the circumstances at hand. Adjust your strategy to fend off coordinated assaults and disrupt your enemies’ plans.

Limited Action Set

Choose the right tools for the job, preparing a limited number of skills to bring into battle. Keep aware of your surroundings and be ready to overcome unplanned obstacles.

Build Your Arsenal

Acquire powerful and iconic equipment and rare abilities that boast of the places you’ve been and the battles you’ve won, empowering your character with enhanced attributes and unique effects. Choose wisely from the start and your gear will serve you for many adventures.

Adventure Together

It’s dangerous to go alone. Form adventuring parties and guilds with friends, old and new, and overcome greater challenges for even greater rewards. The best experiences are those that are shared.

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