Dark Myr


Through longstanding discipline and unwavering obedience to ancient teachings, the Monk wields their mind and body as a devastating, holistic weapon against their enemies.

The way of the Monk is a path of harmony between the body and the soul. Through longstanding discipline Monks have transformed their very being into resilient, living weapons which they are able to wield against their enemies with devastating effect.

Group Role: Damage
Combat Resource: Readiness, Chi/Chakra Gates
Available Armor: Light Leather
Available Weapons: Martial Fists, Fist Weapons, Handwraps

FEATURED ABILITIES Secret of the Six Gates [Passive]

When you receive damage that would kill you, you will avoid death and will be healed for a percentage of your total Health. This cannot occur more than once every minute.


Unleash a flurry of successive strikes, dealing physical damage with a high chance of interrupting the enemy’s spell casting.

Flickering Flame Kata

Perform a series of precision strikes, putting an enemy into a disoriented state and reducing their Hate towards you. Puts the target in a fatigued state.


Perfectly align your body and soul, restoring a percentage of your total Health over a short time.

Resonating Palm

A powerful blow that deals physical damage and heals you for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Ebb and Flow

Align your movements with the flow of your Chi, greatly increasing your Dodge and Counterattack chance for the duration.

Feign Death

You stop breathing and fall to the ground, appearing dead to most creatures.

Iron Palm

A concussive blow that angers an enemy, causing them to focus their attention on you for a short time.

Second Sight

You are able to sense the flow of Chi around you, enabling you to see certain beings that are invisible to the naked eye.


Perform a timely backflip out of harm’s way, avoiding all physical attacks for 2 seconds.

Raging Gale Kick

Charge up a surge of Chi to release a devastating flying kick into a nearby enemy.

Inner Fountain

Instantly generate full Chi and finish the cooldown on Gate of Release.

Gate of Release

Burn your Chi like fuel, making you immune to all healing and crowd control effects. While Gate of Release is open, your attack speed, physical damage, critical strike chance and critical damage will be greatly increased. Additionally, you will lose a percentage of your total Health every second until the Gate of Release closes.

*Not a complete ability list

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