Month in Review

Month in Review

As the team got back from a small holiday break, we kick of 2023 with continued excitement around the development of Pantheon. As announced in prior months, Pre-Alpha tests will occur monthly for all our VIP testers. As this continues to roll forward, you can expect more gameplay footage to accompany our monthly live stream, as well as be featured in standalone content. It’s an exciting step forward for content creation, and one we think you will all enjoy.

As a side note, we have started the process of clipping out sections of content which you can find on our social media platforms. These “Shorts” will be a nice addition to our content offerings and can help with important updates, or to drive conversation around content. We are excited to grow this new offering over the next few months. Look for Pantheon #Shorts to become a consistent part of our development communication.

2023 First Quarter: What’s Ahead for Pantheon

Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins joined us for our first live stream of the year to discuss key focus areas of the Alpha Roadmap as we enter into 2023. Here are some of the topics that were discussed:

• We discussed working through the final coding pieces needed around our ViNL network to unlock our fully seamless world zoning system. This will allow players to cross into new zones openly, rather than having to zone in when traveling through the world of terminus. With this comes standard, but important implementation of cross zone systems like a globally functioning chat system, persistent effects and groups, guilds, and the ability to create a proper looking for group system.

• Crafting was the next topic in which we quickly discussed the progress on the system, and the work David “Nephele” Beach and Steven Clover have been putting into the system. Mining nodes will now function as an NPC style entity, which allows more clever interaction with nodes.

• Worldbuilding is at the forefront of 2023, and we discussed the large-scale approach on the art team working through Avendyr’s pass to create point of interest areas through implementation of new 3D assets being loaded into the zone. We’ve also spent significant time within the Hangore biome, including new 3D assets and the transition of Avendyr’s Pass biome into the snowy areas that make Hangore stand out. Mad Run has also been getting a lot of attention and being built out fully. It was announced that the next zone will be Silent Plains.

• The new character models are a very important next step for Pantheon. We have already revealed the new human models and a host of animations for them. Lead programmer Kyle Olsen has shifted focus to ensuring these new models are implemented into the game, so our VIP testers can soon get their hands on them. From new idle animations to combat animations, we believe this will be a big impact on the feel of your character. Also, while not yet shown, the Dark Myr are next in line to be implemented as they are also ready for implementation.

Click on the video link below to get into the details on the topics above and more.

Parting The Veil

As a reminder, you can always find this content on our YouTube Page or download it in podcast form on any of your favorite podcast apps for on-the-go listening.

For January’s Parting the Veil, we dove into the design documents around two important systems for Pantheon; Climates and Fractures. These two systems were discussed in depth including the following topics listed below:

• Differences between Climates and Fractures
• What are the Climates in Terminus
• Severity and Tiers of Climates
• Climate Acclimation
• What to expect with Fractures
• Importance of Climates and Fractures
• Thoughts on Content Gating

These topics only scratch the surface of what was discussed. Be sure to check out the full episode for even more detail as we clarify the current status of these systems.

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