Terminus – From Design Docs to Art

Terminus – From Design Docs to Art


In recent content pieces we’ve talked about Biome generation as well as the transitions we’ll see when we adventure through these different environments. This started when Sr. Programmer Robert Crane discussed our tools which aid in our biome generation process in our previous newsletter. You can hear more about this as we discussed it in more depth during our January Live Stream, Q1 2023: What’s Ahead for Pantheon.

To take this concept a step further, we wanted to show off the incredible work of our Lead Artist, Jared Pullen. The below galleries will showcase the process he takes in actualizing writing and lore as he begins to lay out detailed art in which worldbuilders reference while creating Terminus. This includes both high level design, and down to even small details as you’ll see below in our various image galleries. As the HDRP conversion and new ViNL network stack have been implanted, and Terminus is now a seamless open world, this difference in biome, and it’s transition are more important than ever. We hope you’ll enjoy this inside look at building the Thronefast and Avendyr’s Pass areas, the transition to the Orc-dominated Hangore, and even a look at the wild and harsh conditions of an area we have spoken little about, The Roans. Finally, we’ll give you a small look at some of the signature botanicals conceptual design and thought that goes into variation in these featured regions:


Thronefast and Avendyr’s Pass

Transitioning to Hangore

Braving the Roans

Signature Botanicals

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