Dark Myr


The Summoner has developed a powerful arcane command to conjure sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry, even fantastic creatures of incredible strength – all of this at her whim.

It is a curious thing, to reach a hand into realities other than your own. This is the art of the Summoner, whose hand then bring forth all manner of things that did not exist only moments before. The Summoner’s command of arcane conjuration is unrivaled, able to brings forth sustenance, tools, barricades, weaponry and even fantastic creatures of incredible strength and ability – all of this at their whim.

Group Role: Damage
Combat Resource: Mana
Available Armor: Cloth, Arcane Shields
Available Weapons: Dagger, Club, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff


Briefly materialize a shield that absorbs a percentage of your total health in spell damage, while also making you immune to all magical effects.

Water Arcamental: Undine

The water-based Undine specializes in healing and restorative abilities that directly benefit the Summoner and other Arcamentals.

Wind Arcamental: Zephyr

The wind-based Zephyr specializes in dealing rapid, close-range Physical and Nature damage to the Summoner’s enemies. Capable of putting enemies into a disoriented state.

Earth Arcamental: Titan

The earth-based Titan specializes in detaining the Summoner’s enemies and protecting the Summoner from harm. Capable of putting enemies into a fatigued state.

Fire Arcamental: Fury

The fire-based Fury specializes in dealing powerful Fire, Nature and Magic damage to the Summoner’s enemies. Capable of putting enemies into a burning state.

Arcamental Mastery

Allows you to have your Undine active alongside your other active Arcamental.

Summon Arcamental Armor & Weaponry

You are able to summon armor and weaponry that is specifically designed for your Arcamentals to use in combat. As you grow in power, the variety and potency of this weaponry will increase.


Create a dimensional pocket and slip inside briefly, ending combat. When you emerge, the phase anomaly will have stripped you of all harmful and beneficial effects.

Escape Portal

Create a portal at the target location. While the portal is active, when you activate this ability again your group will be transported through that portal to the location it was placed.

Summon Raft

Summon a raft for you and your group to sail on.

Summon Wall of Wood

Summon a wall of wood to place nearby. While it lasts, it is an immovable object that enemies must break down to pass through.

Mana Boomerang

Propel a blade of Mana forward and then summon it back to you, damaging all enemies it comes in contact with. On returning, it will restore a portion of your Mana based on a percentage of the total damage dealt.


After being struck with spell damage, create a portal near your enemy and replicate the same effect back at them, dealing a percentage of the damage the ability dealt to you.

*Not a complete ability list

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