Love Letter to Pantheon

Love is in the air, and it has hit Community Manager Savanja hard this year Read More


Pantheon Welcomes All Pledges into Terminus with Seasons

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen introduces "Seasons", a way for ALL pledges to play. Read More


Pantheon Seasons Questions Answered

The team answers community questions in this special edition Q&A. Read More


Welcome to Terminus – December Dev Q&A

Listen in as developers answer questions directly from the community. Read More


December PA Recap – Windfeather Down!

The testers hit up some boss mob content in this month's recap. Read More


Community Spotlight – Dougbug, VIP in Our Hearts

Get to know a supporter from the greater Pantheon community. Read More


Return of the Pantheon MMORPG Q&A Now Available

Listen in on the full Q&A or get the highlights from the Return of the MMORPG Q&A, addressing community questions regarding the switch back. Read More


Pantheon Returns to the MMORPG Format

Pantheon returns to the MMORPG testing format and more important news from the VR team. Read More


Community Spotlight – Kanudil, Working Toward the Common Good

Get to know Kanudil, a member of Pantheon's Community Council. Read More

Producer's Letter

September Producer’s Letter – Art Details

Learn details of the new art style and get updates from the Pantheon team. Read More


Community Spotlight – Vandraad, Friend or Foe?

Get to know one of our active community members in this spotlight. Read More

Producer's Letter

August Producer’s Letter – Art Takes Shape

Read exciting development updates and get the latest content in this month's letter from the producer! Read More


Community Spotlight – Finn, the Dissenting Voice

How do we create a better game? We take feedback seriously. Meet Finn, a supporter who reminds us that there is always room for improvement. Read More


Forums Now Open to Public Posting

Free Player Access accounts may now post and participate with our growing community Read More

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