Ben Dean Spills The Beans!

Nathan NAPALM sits down with our very own Ben Dean to discuss PreAlpha 5 and more... (WARNING - Beans Galore!) Read More

Producer's Letter

Producer’s Letter – October 2020

In this month's newsletter, Producer Ben Dean reflects on the road so far and discusses the move away from hardcoding and its impact. We also learn more about Pre-Alpha 5, including the next testing session date! Read More


Joppa Visits Theory Forge this Sunday

Tune in to join the discussion on MMOs and Pantheon. Read More

Latest Stream

The Dire Lord Gameplay Preview Stream Is Up

Missed the live stream or want to watch it again? We've got you covered! Check out the September 24th, 2020 stream recording for our latest Development Stream, as we take a closer look at the Dire Lord's arsenal of abilities, and update our current development status. Read More


Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout Extended Another Weekend

Another round of Pantheon testing is coming this month for pre-alpha testers. Read More

News Gets a Facelift

Thanks for joining us! Let's take a look at some of the things we've done with the new website. Read More

Latest Stream

Watch the PA5 Shakeout Preview Stream

Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout is coming fast—next weekend in fact! In August's stream-o-th'-month Joppa, Machail and Roenick jump in game and take a look at what we'll be playing in PA5 Shakeout. Read More


Summer 2020 Update

Ben Dean sneaks in a timely missive about our next PA session including dates, scope and focus. He also gives us a quick update on the new website and shares some of our most recent screenshots from the game. Read More

Producer's Letter

Producer’s Letter – May 2020

Ben Dean offers an in-depth look at the team’s recent progress and how it relates to the long awaited completion of our milestone project. One of the key components of completing this project is the rollout of PA5. The team has an internal target date circled and Ben provides insight as to what this round testing will look like. We round out the news with some of our most recent patch notes. Read More