Dark Myr


It is rumored that Shamans live in every age at once. Thus, Shamans know the ancestry of any friend or foe, wielding this knowledge to great benefit or baneful cost.

It is a second sight, allowing them to sense the threads of energy woven through Terminus’ past. It is this unique gift that allow Shamans to discern the ancestry of friend or foe, wielding this knowledge in the form of powerful Boons – or frightful Banes.

Group Role: Healer
Combat Resource: Mana, Vision
Available Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather
Available Weapons: Dagger, Short Spear, Long Spear, Club, Mace, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff


A boon of restorative water that heals an ally over time.

Hand of Kyas

A surge of healing waters that restore an ally’s Health. This ability will apply bonus healing if Mantle of Mist is active on the target.

Echo of the Rainlands

Send forth a rush of restorative waters that heal nearby allies over time.

Hurry the Past

Command all of your active healing spells to instantly finish their durations, directly healing the targets for the remaining amount. Afterwards, each healing effect will be refreshed on the targets as if they were just applied.

Walk the Ages

Mark your current location in time. When you activate Walk the Ages again, you will become Timeless, instantly returning to the location you had previously marked.

Scorched Fog

Materialize a sweltering haze around an enemy, slowing their attack speed.

Primal Fury

Increase an ally’s physical critical chance. While active, every successful critical strike will further increase the physical critical chance until the limit is reached, or the effect ends.

Wind Strider

Imbue an ally with elemental wind, increasing their movement speed.

Cleansing Flame

Wash an ally in elemental fire, purging them of a poison or disease-based ailment.

Sting of the Silver Wasp

Invade an enemy’s physiology with animus energy, dealing Poison damage over time.

Waterless Wastes

Assault the life-giving moisture in an enemy’s body, dealing Nature damage over time.


Buffet an enemy with cross-cutting winds, putting them into a windswept state.

Mark of the Fireclaw

Imbue an ally with the spirit of the Fireclaw, increasing their Fire and Nature resistance.

*Not a complete ability list

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