The World

The World

Cast your eyes about the realms, though be warned much of this world has changed in even the last five hundred years, and much will change again.

Kingsreach is the first of three planned continents

The History of Terminus

On the Frail Age (Current)

In the aftermath of the Deicide War, victory is as wounded as the survivors. Alliances are all too quickly burned, yet out from the ash ascends the glorious city of Thronefast, and into the world come the Halflings, Gnomes and Skar. Amidst the settling dust of war and migration, realms are teeming and populations are thriving. Though the quandary of their gods looms ever dire, discovery is happening like never before. Read More

On the Age of Chaos

In the dawn of this turbulent era come the Archai, Dark Myr and Humans. Yet they barely have chance to collect their breath before the Deicide War rages around them, and the Alliance of the Sacred Six agrees to build the three Sanctums as last resort. When the Ravaging Lord seems to bring his Endless Night to prophetic fulfillment, the Suns of Terminus rise to war for the fate of the world. Read More

On the Age of Seclusion

With the Dwarves, Elves and Ogres arrived, each race takes their first steps into the unknown expanse. This time of discovery finds their gods under peculiar restraint, even as they are so needed. Yet as the three are joined by a fourth race, the Ginto, events will take shape and swallow their questions with unholy indifference. Read More

Regions of Terminus


Faerthale, the Western Crown of Kingsreach. With the most stark extremes of any zone on the continent, the Elven realm boasts daunting mountain passes, enchanting jungle caves, an idyllic river, and a sprawling forest.Read More

Wild’s End

For eons, Wild’s End was thought to be one of the last untamed corners of Kingsreach. With towering Ulon trees, impassable grasses, and insects as big as a Oggrym Bear, it was as if the region had a different soul from the rest of Kingsreach.Read More

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