Dark Myr


In the Frail Age, communion with Celestials is unheard of. The Cleric must bind to ancient Tomes containing the last vestiges flight from when the Celestials had drawn near.

It is the Frail Age of Terminus. After the Deicide War, communion with the Celestials is nearly unheard of. Thus, the Cleric can scarcely rely on their Pantheon directly. Instead, they must bind themselves to the ancient tomes of their Order; the fading vestiges of light from when the Celestials had drawn near.

Clerics have mastered the restorative arts of their Order, allowing them to use a myriad of potent healing abilities. But the Cleric can also dramatically enhance the defenses of their allies through the use of powerful signets, writs and ethereal armors. Imbued with Celestial power, Clerics can perform feats of stunning ability. Indeed, for this very reason certain master Clerics have been mistakenly revered as true Celestials! Because of the Cleric’s affinity to Celestial light, they have evolved the means to turn Undeath and other cursed beings.

Group Role: Healer
Combat Resource: Mana, Celestial Power/Celestial Bond
Available Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light and Heavy Chain, Light Plate, Shields
Available Weapons: Club, War Hammer, Great Hammer, Mace, Great Mace, Quarter Staff


Place a signet blessing on an ally, causing their activities to generate less Hate for the duration.

Celestial Aegis

Manifest the Celestial Aegis to place nearby. While it lasts, it is an immovable object that enemies must break down to pass through.


Bring a fallen ally back to life, restoring some lost experience. Cannot be used in combat. Causes Resurrection Sickness.

Reckon’s Stronghold

Surround an ally with protective light, absorbing all incoming damage until the absorption limit is reached.

Refiner’s Cudgel

A powerful strike that deals Divine damage to an enemy. This attack will deal bonus Divine damage to Undead.


Unleash a barrage of celestial power at an enemy, dealing Divine damage.

Edict of Stillness

Pacify an enemy’s will, making them unresponsive to activity happening around them unless directly engaged.

Abolish Undeath

Smite an Undead enemy with astonishing power, dealing Divine damage and reducing their movement speed for a short time. Puts the Undead target in a weakened state.


Match your health with the health of an ally in your group by either bringing their current Health up to your level, or bringing your current Health up to their level.

Resplendent Arc

Instantly heal yourself. This heal then jumps to the next two group members with the lowest health before returning to heal you again.

Word of Glory

A powerful heal that restores a large portion of an ally’s health.

Gift: Ethereal Plate Raiment

Fortify an ally’s Armor Class.

Olmai’s Favor

A fabled blessing known to purge powerful curses.

*Not a complete ability list

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