Pantheon Season One Update

Pantheon Season 1 Update

Season 1: Into the Pass has been in the hands of VIP testers for a few weeks now. Champions are scheduled to join for a 2-week test session, starting March 16th with Supporters coming in for a week on March 23rd. For those of you who are not yet in testing or are simply supporting Pantheon as an onlooker, we have a mid-season update so you can check out what has been happening in game this month.

If you haven’t checked already, the development tracker has the most recent patch notes available for your reading pleasure, but here are the highlights of what has been added to the test server for season 1.

Avendyr’s Pass overland area has opened up. This area is accessible from the southwest of the crossroads and includes the orange highlighted area in the following map.

In addition to the overland adventuring area, we have also added:

  • Several new points of interest
  • New mob encounters
  • Additional gathering nodes
  • New audio for AVP and Thronefast
  • The Shaman wolf pet
  • Assist Updates
  • So many bug fixes (yay testers!)

Thank you to some of our testers (Shea and Homercles) for submitting the following screenshots of Avendyr’s Pass.

What’s next?

Season 2: The Mouth of Madness starts March 30th, for VIPs, when Pantheon will see an additional adventuring region, updates to the lighting that will add to the game ambience, and continuous bug fixes and gameplay additions. Keep an eye out here on the official Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen website, or our official Discord for updates and check out the Seasons page for more details on Pantheon Seasons.

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