Hanggore Mid-Season Update

Hanggore Mid-Season Update

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seasons has proved to be a successful model for game updates and we have enjoyed growth in our testing community. We are so grateful for all of the support, both in game and out. This mid-season update will be focusing on the latest added content and updates, to keep our incoming Champions and Supporters informed as you get ready to take Terminus by storm…. ice storm!

Hanggore is in game! It isn’t just orcs and snow, though. We are getting into new mechanics, such as weather variations, acclimation, and glyphs. You can’t just run into Hanggore without a bit of prep work and you will likely need a few friends to help you along the way. Your first step to experience this new zone will be to have a chat with Thame in Avendyr’s Pass. If you would like details, StaticGroup.Live did a glyph walk-through video guide that can get you onto the right track.

And if you would like a peek at acclimation (in the charming way only RedBeardFlynn and Josgar could provide), then be sure to check out this video.

Along with the addition of content, we have also been making improvements to our launcher. If you haven’t played in a while, please visit the download page for the latest version. The newest launcher has performance upgrades, easier navigation, and the patch notes are built right in so you can browse the latest news while you patch.

**It is important to note that if you would like to save your user settings from previous play sessions, you will need to back up the folder found in your Pantheon install folder under Pantheon > App > Settings. Save the Settings folder in another location and replace it in the new install to retain settings and macros.**

Hanggore content is appropriate for levels 20+ and bring a group because the challenge of mob encounters coupled with acclimation will make for some exhilarating fights. Players are encouraged to make smart decisions and understand their environment in order to survive. Bonfires, drink, and other items can help in your adventuring, so seek those out as needed. If you are lucky, you may find a guild of like-minded individuals who will help you in your quest to become acclimated to the harsh climate of Hanggore. VIPs are playing in Hanggore now. Champions will be able to experience this new region starting June 8, and supporters are welcome to join as of June 15th.

What is next for the Pantheon team? Coming in late June for the VIPs, the Summoner and Ranger will be available to play! You can catch some behind-the-scenes development by checking in with Creative Director, Chris “Joppa” Perkins as he live streams. If you missed out on these, Joppa shows off some of the pet mechanics of the Summoner in the following videos.

If you are interested in seeing this new content for yourself, please visit our pledge page to find out how you can support Pantheon development and get testing access to the game right now.

Thank you to StaticGroup.Live, RedbeardFlynn, and Josgar for video content. Shout out to Loban and Balefyre for player-submitted screenshots!

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