Setup/Patcher Download

Download the file from the DOWNLOAD PATCHER button above, then follow the instructions below to install.

Game Client Install

  1. Find the downloaded setup file and open it. Unless you changed the download location, it should be in your Downloads folder and be named PantheonSetup_XXX.exe, the XXXs being a version number. The icon will appear as below.

    Upon launch, it may be flagged as a suspicious file, but if you downloaded it from this page, it is safe. If the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen pops up, click “More Info” and then [Run Anyway]

  2. Choose a location to install the patcher.

  3. Click [Next]. On the following screen, if you’d like a shortcut on your Desktop, check the box next to Create a desktop shortcut, then click [Next] again.
  4. Confirm that everything is correct, then click [Install]. After the install is complete, you can close the installer window or click [Finish]. The Launcher should open automatically.

    If Windows Firewall pops up at any point, click [Allow]

  5. Login with your GAME ACCOUNT. The game software download and installation will begin (unless you don’t have enough disc space).

    Your Game Account is different from your Forum account or VR account. To verify which is which, login to your VR account at

  6. Click [Play] to launch the game once install completes!


There are several accounts associated with Pantheon and none of them currently share credentials:

  1. forum login – only used on the forums
  2. Master VR account at – this is the primary account under which all your game accounts are stored. This should be the registered email address you have with us and whichever password you chose. You can reset this at by using the forgot password link
  3. Pantheon game account – You will find this under the Master VR account at This is a username you chose when you set up your account and consumed the game key. You can reset this password once you are logged into your Master VR account at This account is what you use to actually log into the game client and patcher.

Important Notes

  • The game will not download or patch until the day of your test session. Before that day, you can download the client launcher and create your game account.
  • Please watch the official forums or the official Discord server for further directions/instructions regarding your test session.
  • Pantheon is in pre-release, so expect bugs and glitches.
  • The latest game update information can be found here. Please read patch notes to set expectations.

Communication & Community

Official Discord server:

Official Forums:

Getting Help

Should you encounter any issues in creating your account or difficulty with the patcher, please contact our Support Desk.

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