Client Download

• Download the file and extract into its own directory (for example, C:/Pantheon).

For best performance, don’t place the folder on the desktop as Microsoft OneDrive may interfere with it executing correctly. You can create a shortcut to clientlauncher.exe and place that on the desktop.

• Once extracted, run clientlauncher.exe (you may need to run as Administrator).

Depending on your security settings, Windows may alert falsely on a security concern. You can safely ignore and allow it to run. You may need to whitelist the entire Pantheon directory with any security software/firewall you have.

• The patcher will prompt for a username and password. Enter your game account and password. The patcher will then download all game files.

Important Notes

  • The game will not download or patch until the day of your test session. Before that day, you can download the clientlauncher and create your game account.
  • Please watch the official forums or the official Discord server for further directions/instructions regarding your test session.
  • Pantheon is in pre-alpha, so expect bugs and glitches.
  • The latest game update information can be found here. Please read patch notes to set expectations.


Official Discord server:

Official Forums:

Getting Help

Should you encounter any issues in creating your account or difficulty with the patcher, please contact our Support Desk.

Troubleshooting Flow Chart

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