Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Play Pantheon while it’s still in development! Join thousands of other pledges in game for a front row seat to experience Terminus expanding. Explore significant new content updates in every six-week Season.

For the first time ever, ALL pledges have a period they can play the game. Supporter pledges play one week every season, Champion pledges play two weeks every season, and VIP pledges have full-time access for non-stop exploration, discovery and adventure.

Chapter 1, Season 1: Into the Pass

VIP Access: February 17 – March 29, 2024

Champion Access: March 16 – March 29, 2024

Supporter Access: March 23 – March 29, 2024

Into the Pass brings Pantheon fans into the overland regions of Avendyr’s Pass to continue their adventures from Thronefast. Discover new areas and new NPCs. Craft weapons and armor. Or try the Shaman class for a brand new pet system!

Points of Interest in Avendyr’s Pass in Season 1 include:

Demith Village

The Roughs of Gadai

Several new Undead ruins

Trapper caves

  • Explore a large portion of Avendyr’s Pass. This zone’s overland areas are available in Season 1 and the rest is coming in Seasons 2 and 3.
  • Seamlessly move between Thronefast and Avendyr’s Pass as you hunt down enemies (or run away from them), search for treasures, embark upon story lines, or stock up on crafting supplies.
  • Shamans gain a wolf pet! This is phase one of the new pet system for players to test.
  • New NPC variations to interact with.

Chapter 1, Season 2: The Mouth of Madness

Coming March 30, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

How have pledge levels changed for Seasons?

  • We have converted “beta, alpha and pre-alpha access” to “Supporter, Champion and VIP” tiers, allowing 1 week of access per season for Supporters, 2 weeks per season for Champions and full-time access for VIPs.
  • The Watcher Pledge now offers 1 week access per season.
  • 2 week access per season has been added to the Bloodsworn Pledge and the pledge has been retired. Those who have pledged at this level still receive all the perks from it.
  • The Black Rose Pledge has been retired. Those who have pledged at this level still receive all of its perks.
  • Scion of the Black Rose pledge has been moved from the Champion tier to the VIP tier.

Are there character wipes between seasons?

While we do not plan to wipe characters between seasons, there is always a possibility that a wipe may be necessary during development. When such cases arise, we will inform the community.

Are there updates during a Season?

Yes, Seasons will still be patched.

How many seasons are planned?

As of February 2024, Chapter 1 (3 seasons) is scheduled and Chapter 2 (another 3 seasons) is in planning. Beyond this, we will always have 1-2 chapters planned ahead of time until launch.

Can I play with my friends, even if we have different pledge levels?

Yes. Simply select the same realm upon character creation.

Do I have to pay to play each season?

No! Your pledge gets you playtime in each season. How much playtime you get will depend on your pledge level.

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