Pre-Alpha Recap

March Pre-Alpha Recap


The March test session has concluded and with that, our loyal testers may finally get some sleep and rest up for the next test session. No pre-alpha test is without hiccups, but with our member’s help, we are able to reach a new level of success each time we roll out a patch and optimize Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with player fun and challenge in mind. Here are the highlights from this test:

PA Player Mining

The shaman was the class of the month in this round. Updates added to the playability and nuances of our favorite buffing healer, making him an important part of group gameplay. With a solid rotation and skilled timing, this class will be primed to perform as a primary healer, able to keep a group (and most importantly, the tank) alive through tough encounters.

Skills have been updated to be more meaningful. What does that mean exactly? Well, at first it meant that my level one shaman was getting her butt kicked by level one mobs, but I digress. As skills tick up, the player will be able to feel the difference in damage. This not only gives an air of danger but is also a reason to really focus on skill growth. Skills will likely see some tweaking in future builds, but they will continue to be an aspect of character building that will not be ignored.

In case you didn’t catch it in the latest development update, crafting and gathering have been making some HUGE strides in the recent pre-alpha builds.Snagging resources from the environment will allow for some creative cooking, and mining nodes is turning out to be a very lucrative business. It’s too bad our lucky testers won’t be able to keep all of that coin.

PA Player Mining

Another major update was to our mobs, and in the Rock Goblin caves. Hiding from the enemies will only get you so far, as these mobs have other ways of detecting your presence. Mobs in Pantheon will rely on sound and smell, as well as sight, to suss out players. Enemies will also have their own traits (such as watchful or frenzied) that will lend to their abilities.

Currently, our testers are providing their feedback on our PA forums to progress and influence the game, helping Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen make way on the Roadmap to Alpha. We can’t do this without our community! If you would like to join in and help build this vision, please support the game by pledging a Scion of the Black Rose tier or higher. Visit our Pledge Page for more information.

A special thanks to our PA testers who provided us with a couple of in-game screenshots!

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