June Pantheon Newsletter

June Pantheon Newsletter – Ranger and Summoner Enter the Fray

Greetings, brave souls of Terminus!

As the frost of the Land of Blood and Snow begins to thaw, we stand in awe of your valor and the tales of glory that have emerged from Hanggore. Your fervor has turned this season into a monumental success, and it’s clear that the challenges of Hanggore have been met with courage and enthusiasm by all of you.

Now, as the echoes of battle fade, we’re thrilled to announce the dawn of a new Season in our saga: “Ranger and Summoner Enter the Fray!” This upcoming season heralds the arrival of two eagerly anticipated classes.

Introducing the Summoner, a master of the forces of mana and powerful feats of conjuration. With the power to summon and control four distinct Arcamental pets—the stalwart Titan of earth, the graceful Undine of water, the swift Zephyr of air, and the fierce Fury of fire—Summoners will bring a new depth to combat strategy. Each Arcamental boasts a repertoire of up to four unique abilities, offering a tactical edge in the most dire of encounters. Additionally, Summoners will be able to conjure special armor and weapons for their Arcamentals, further increasing their power and capabilities.

But the Summoner isn’t the only new face in Terminus. The Ranger arrives with a quiver full of new mechanics, including the introduction of ranged combat to both players and NPCs alike. With the ability to Track, the keen sight of a flying Hawk to scout the terrain, and the unique skill to beckon animals into battle, Rangers are set to become the eyes and ears of any adventuring party, all while bringing heavy damage to the table.

And there’s more on the horizon. As you traverse the village of Availia and the surrounding areas of Thronefast, you’ll witness the first steps towards the reintegration of Perception content. This intricate system will begin to weave richer narratives and more dynamic interactions into the fabric of our world.

So ready your bows and dust off your spell books – “Ranger and Summoner Enter the Fray!” is poised to be a milestone moment in this Pantheon journey. We can’t wait to see how you’ll embrace these new classes and the fresh challenges they bring.

As always, we are committed to enriching your experience in Terminus and are eager to hear your thoughts on these exciting developments. Your feedback is the compass that guides our journey, and together, we will continue to craft a world that ignites the spirit of adventure in us all.

Onward and upward, everyone. We’ll see you in Terminus!

Chris “Joppa” Perkins
Creative Director

Now, In Season 3

In Progress, From Development

Character Artist, Phillip Keidge, has been hard at work on the new armor sets. Here is what Phillip has to say about the process. Please also check out the video sampling some of our incoming armor pieces in the following video. Thank you to Phillip for sharing this exciting progress!

The armor system we are implementing was designed by Chris “Bronsun” Willis and myself, Phillip Keidge. It has many improvements from the current sets that are in game. The armor is divided into two sections with a symmetrical under layer with A-symmetrical addons that cover sections of the body, such as helmet and shoulders. This allows for a much lower poly count and higher resolution overall. By swapping between the body base and addon feature we can have a wider variety for possible sets for designers to work with. The armor shown in the video is an example of gear progression through the lower tiers. The plate is subject to change pending review however the cloth and leather are locked in as final.

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