February Newsletter Blooms with News and Art

February Newsletter Blooms with News and Art

Despite the chilly weather in our corner of the Earth, spring is soon upon us and you will see it up close in this month’s newsletter. First, check out what the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has been working on and what updates can be expected in March in this month’s Producer’s Letter. This is where you will find important news and dates for the upcoming month.

Have you missed out on any recent developer content or updates? You may always find the latest and greatest in the Month in Review.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a lush and vibrant in-game world? 3D Environmental Artist, Esther Shin shares her process and highlights the gorgeous Kingsbloom in this month’s Developer Feature.

Here at Visionary Realms, we love our community! In this month’s Community Spotlight, we get to know one of our favorite bringers of the good mornings, Elleryn. Grab a cup of coffee and learn more about your fellow Pantheon watcher.


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