Month in Review

Month in Review

In January, the team was settling back in from holiday breaks and getting ready for an exciting 2023. That gave us a lot of fun updates to show off this month regarding the fantastic work our art department has been doing, as well as a deep dive into lore in process and evolution. Check out our February offerings below:


Updates From the Art Department

On February 9th we went live with our monthly Development Stream, this time focused on progress from our Art Team over the last few months. Below are some highlights:

• Worldbuilding work on Hanggore and Wild’s End
• Armor kit work and reveal of Archai racial garb
• New and Improved Human animations
• World prop work, showcasing a vast array of Thornfastian architecture

This one was definitely a must see as it’s packed full of visual assets. If you missed the live stream, click on the video link below to get into all the details. You can also watch a shorter video highlighting all the visual art updates in this short-form video.

Bring Out Your Devs – Lore with JN Gerhart

As a reminder, you can always find this content on our YouTube Page or download it in podcast form on any of your favorite podcast apps for on-the-go listening.

Bring Out Your Devs is a monthly hosted podcast that is exclusive to our VIP supporters. In this show, we talk to our developers one on one and learn more about them, what their influences are, and what they are working on in Pantheon. The community is able to interact live with the discussion via our discord and has special access to an on-demand podcast format. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share our Bring Out Your Devs episode featuring our lead writer, JN Gerhart.

Join JN and David as they talk about the lore of the world, inspirations for developing the history of the world, and how art and design influence the growth of lore and vice versa. Lots to unpack here, so listen for yourself.

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