August 2021 Newsletter Arrives

August 2021 Newsletter Arrives

In the latest leg of our Epic Quest Line – Community Matters, we’ve been tasked with resurrecting the long form version of our beloved newsletter, and with an incredible group effort, the team at Visionary Realms has pulled it off!

We know that for many in the community the longform version of the newsletter was something that was highly anticipated each month and we had many requests to bring it back after our switch to a format that was more focused on streaming content and a monthly producer’s letter. So in addition to our streams, and the producer’s letter, we decided to bring back the newsletter as well to make sure that we were keeping you, our amazing community, as in the loop as possible, via whatever method works best for you.

For August we feature our latest Producers’ Letter from Chris Perkins & Ben Dean that features an announcement about our latest addition to the team (who was instrumental in casting a resurrection on the longform newsletter),recaps our most recent Pre-Alpha testing session, updates our roadmap to alpha and spotlights our most current build’s patch notes. Next up, Anthony “Minus” Guidi recaps the past several weeks with a Month in Review that highlights our VIP Roundtable and an unparalleled gameplay stream with CohhCarnage. Fan favorite JN Gerhart is back with a riveting new tale titled The Bait, Part 1, where we meet Dothane, a dwarven Thane who has been tasked with a mission that brings him face to face with some of the most renowned inhabitants of Terminus. Finally, we bring it all home with Gaming as a Family, the heartwarming tale of Sparoh and Bountycode, August’s Community Spotlight.

Get started with the Producers’ Letter.


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