August 2021 Month in Review

Month in Review

Anthony “Minus” Guidi

It was an exciting month for us as we worked proactively to provide clarity to the way content would be made available through the month of August. Starting with our content schedule release, we provided dates for Pre-Alpha to our VIP supporters, the VIP roundtable, a CohhCarnage Gameplay live stream, as well as the details around the release of this newsletter. This is in effort to continue to improve communication with our supporters and to build on our goal to make information more accessible on the development and news surrounding Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

VIP Roundtable

The VIP roundtable is now available to download as a podcast and is enhanced through editing. Whether on the go, at work, or at your PC; this will create added value to an already fun and informative content piece. Look for the podcast on your favorite platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, and more.

This month’s VIP Roundtable featured Chris Perkins, and self-proclaimed “Content Locust,” Adam Mostel. They covered a wide range of topics on creating in-game content and design philosophy. Here are a few highlights:

• Chris detailed the difficulty of hitting development milestones. He expressed that expectations around development phases are higher than ever before. In an important moment, Chris discussed the “rhetoric” that often surrounds development. He stated that communities often shout, “Just put it out there and let people try it!” Chris emphasized that if companies do “just put it out there,” the tone of that rhetoric changes wildly if the game isn’t quite ready for that big moment. The vibe goes from understanding to a harsh criticism on the drop of a dime. Chris clarified that, “Pantheon is not approaching Alpha with thoughts of perfection in mind.” There are defined, clear goals of where the game needs to be. All this to ensure Pantheon leaves the proper impression when it becomes publicly consumed.

• Adam commented on how different systems like dispositions, traits, atmospheres, and NPC AI tie into the content of Pantheon. Adam defined that these systems are not simply an on or off switch. These systems are interwoven into everything that is “Pantheon.” They are to help prevent a perception of “Ground Hogs Day” that has been an issue within several MMORPGs. Their implementation helps Pantheon break away from stagnant content that creates a been-there-done-that feel. Visionary Realms wants to avoid a lack of uniqueness in day-to-day gameplay. On traits and dispositions, it creates a way to give true distinction in what it’s like to fight different entities within the world of Terminus. This means fighting an animal should feel different than fighting a humanoid enemy. Combating a skeleton should feel different than combating a wraith. The goal is to create familiarity, yet, add variables that create the unexpected. Adam also dropped new information that not all traits and dispositions are being created to add challenge. There should also be moments where players feel lucky to encounter a lucrative rare enemy trait or disposition.

• Chris chimed in on the common trend of a very one-dimensional experience in MMORPGs, driven commonly by combat, needs to change. In Pantheon, there is a need to surprise the player. We want players to find themselves in unpredictable environments or moments that tie into the player’s journey–events that occur dynamically. The example used was, on a rainy day walking down a street can result in getting sprayed with mud from a passing car. Walking down that same street on a bright and sunny day could result in you finding a $100 bill laying in the street. Creating varying moments within the world, which encourage rediscovery is a key for Pantheon–a step towards creating a new and exciting experience we do not get currently within the genre.

Listen to the full VIP Roundtable on YouTube or Download the Podcast for more exciting development news and updates.

CohhCarnage Gameplay Stream

On August 13th, we were hosted by none other than CohhCarnage, as a few developers joined him for a dungeon dive. Together they explored the unseen depths of Halnir Cave, showing off our new intelligent AI and areas that had previously been undiscovered. They found trap floors, secret walls, and challenging boss fights as they climbed deeper into the uninviting darkness. We hope you will enjoy a small montage of the action we put together in UltraHD (top video), or catch the entire adventure, as well as some in-depth dialogue between CohhCarnage and the team of developers on-demand (bottom video).

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