November PA Recap: Test Server Relaunches

November PA Recap

Please note that this article was written before Pantheon’s return to the MMORPG format.

The pre-alpha test server has been running for nearly 5 weeks with consistent uptime. Updates are going in a couple of times a week, primarily to add fresh content and address bug fixes. We have created a Development Tracker page to release the patch notes, as provided to the PA testers. There you will find the details on what the developers have been working on so you can see the progress for yourself. We intend to update the tracker page weekly, so there is more information between Producer’s Letters.

So how is testing going?

As many have heard by now, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is utilizing a gameplay loop within the MMORPG, introducing an extraction style feature. We are still gathering tester data on the game mode specifically, but have found it incredibly useful for fast-tracking updates, feedback, and fixes. The constant uptime allows our developers to work when they can (The last big update went in Sunday evening) and push hotfixes as needed (Big updates mean big booboos). The benefit of this is production at a pace we have not been able to achieve previously.

Progress is the name of the game. As outlined in the above development tracker’s patch notes, this test mode, in addition to the art change, has allowed for solid forward momentum to be made to the MMORPG. Here are the highlights:

  • States and statuses have been added. Features like poison, bleeds, daze, and armor gap aim to make gameplay more interesting and dangerous, a nod to our 19th tenet.
  • Audio has had a complete overhaul and we have ambient sounds, music, and character vocalizations that bring the world to life. Check out the audio clip below to hear a sample of some of the latest audio work.
  • More crafting and gathering updates than we could even list here.
  • The addition of the Paladin class as well as numerous fixes and features added to various classes.
  • Tester feedback changes, such as the extraction timer has been raised to two hours to allow players more time in Thronefast, and the out-of-combat health and mana regeneration have been increased.

Shadows, lighting, and weather have been enjoying upgrades while the environment continues to be built and polished, giving Thronefast a cohesive look. These screenshots were taken by one of our testers, Shea. The audio team has provided the following audio clip that our Creative Director, Chris “Joppa” Perkins has titled “The Forelyn”.


The Forelyn Audio Clip:

Screenshots are being added regularly to the PantheonMMO Media page and we hope to have more audio samples for you in the near future.

While we are aware that the art was a difficult change for the community, it has allowed us to add items back into the game that had been previously removed due to art constraints. We have added shoulder pieces in-game and the team is considering other armor items that may be added to lend to a more customized character look.

With all of that, we thank our testers who have been logging in, providing feedback, and reporting bugs. These are the people who shape the game.

We also would like to thank our greater Pantheon community. All of those who have shared your thoughts on recent news via all the various platforms, we have been taking in your words over the last couple of weeks and we take it all to heart. It is our goal to bring Pantheon development into the light and live up to the faith you have had in us.

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