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What are Pantheon’s Tenets?

1. Content is king
2. Classes have distinct identities
3. No single player should be able do everything on their own
4. Game economies should delay and minimize item value deflation
5. Combat is immersive with engaging group mechanics
6. A truly challenging game is truly rewarding
7. Greater risk earns greater rewards
8. Player involvement is required for progression
9. All actions (or lack thereof) have consequences
10. Positive actions should be rewarded
11. Apathy or lack of action should not be rewarded with bonuses
12. Meaningful character progression increases player power and prestige
13. Ensure players have time to form important social bonds
14. An immersive world requires intelligent inhabitants
15. Faction and alignment is an integral part of interacting with the world and its citizens
16. Focus on cooperative play that will attract those seeking a challenge
17. The greatest sense of accomplishment comes when it is shared – and earned
18. Player levels should be both meaningful and memorable
19. Player vs. environment should involve more than NPCs
20. Engage the World!


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