June Pre-alpha Recap

This was a most chill pre-alpha test session, mostly thanks to last month’s extra test sessions and optimization of the testing environment and memory architecture. What did our testers work on this month?

Crafting and gathering continue to be a major facet of our current line of testing. David “Nephele” Beach has been working hard on adding a crafting system that is rewarding and interesting. The end goal is to have a viable method of gameplay that produces usable items that compete with world drops.

Morraak, sitting on the dock, enjoying the sights

Part of this goal is introducing harvesting nodes around the world of Terminus. Fruit and vegetables for cooking and plant fibers for cloth-making. We also have shields in the game to be made (both wood and metal) and used, giving those classes who can carry these, an extra edge in combat and crafters a way to make some coin. These systems hit on both itemization and economy in-game, which are both key mechanics.

This test session included a character wipe, so everyone started from the beginning with experience gain being more in line with what we hope for live gameplay. It is difficult to see that boosted xp go, but slow and steady is what makes the testing environment feel closer to what we hope to see upon launch. In addition, the Mastery system was up and available for test, allowing players to enhance their class as they progress.

The primary goal for these monthly tests is server and world stability as well as bug squashing and we have accomplished a lot in that area, thanks to our testers. We look forward to building upon that with dynamic content that will give our players a comprehensive gaming experience in the near future.

Our official Discord channel now welcomes the public for discussion, so if you would like to be a part of that conversation, please find us. If you would like to be part of shaping the world of Terminus, please check out the pledge page to see how you can help.

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