May 2023 Pre-Alpha Recap-

This was a wild month for the backend team for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Did you know that if you change one little thing in-engine, everything can be thrown off? MMORPG development is incredibly complex, made more interesting when a small team takes on a big project. Luckily, we have the most dedicated of developers and the May pre-alpha session ran very well.

Tester PepsiJoe captures bat skinning.

From a combat gameplay point of view, while enjoying the dialed-in goodness of the Dire Lord and Shaman, our testers got to know the subtle differences of the updated mob resistances and player skill impact. Pantheon is intended to be a challenging game and it will take some time and finesse to get these mechanics exactly where they need to be. Skills matter here; if you haven’t kept up your skill levels, your attempt at damaging the NPC will fall flat.

Continuing the good work of the crafting, our favorite in-game master of flavor, David “Nephele” Beach has added in weapon and armor crafting. Pantheon has some lofty goals when it comes to crafting. We want the items to be competitively functional in the game with mob drops, and we also want the experience of creating these items to be a game, in and of itself. Something that Nephele is passionate about and dedicated to making a reality. In this, there can definitely be some frustration as testers learn new combinations and work to unlock the mysteries of how each crafted item works together with other items to make a complete weapon or piece of armor. Luckily, there are always other testers around who are happy to share what they know and it has been fun from my own point of view, to watch this interaction. THIS is the example of the community we want to build.

Tester Soda found this totem in the caves.

Aside from those updates, we also had a couple of fan streams that happened over this PA test. First, Retired8404, did a group stream from the goblin cave, which happens to be one of my favorite group locations. This stream was great in explaining various aspects of the classes and abilities. The next stream was headed up by ZaideGod, who put well-organized group camp clearing at the forefront. Both streams showed various other mechanics and are great watches if you’d like to see what has been happening during our test sessions.

We can always use more testers and if you have been on the fence about taking that step to get in the game, there has been no better time to get in on the inside by pledging for pre-alpha access. We also very much appreciate support in other ways, by sharing our content, and keeping up with our updates you can continue helping us to get the word out. A better MMORPG is coming.

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