April Pre-alpha Recap

April Pre-alpha Recap

What a month it has been for pre-alpha! Not only did we have the scheduled PA session, but the team ordered two ad-hoc sessions for the prior week as well. What did we get done? Keep reading to find out.

Sirturnalot captures the moment

The ad-hoc sessions were incredibly valuable in working through some performance issues, and this was successful. Our tech team did the hard work of fishing out trouble spots and finding a solution which now gives the game a pretty big performance boost in terms of frames per second and server stability. It is a whole new ball game having monthly tests as everything is amplified and problems become more urgent. Our testers came through, getting into test sessions with little notice.

Speaking of ad-hoc testing, players are a little higher in levels, thanks to the additional game time, and they took advantage of this and took on the fierce, yet lovable, Fuzzruckus during the tail end of one of our tests. It may have taken a solid 35+ minutes for our mighty warriors to take this guy down, but in the end, they were victorious. Yes, players were late for work and sandwiches went uneaten, but is that not the price you pay for good gaming?

While the focus of the ad-hoc testing was performance, the scheduled PA session was more free form. Players enjoyed additions to crafting and gathering (mostly with woodcutting), and class updates that included a bolder Dire Lord. The Dire Lord recently underwent some alterations based on player feedback and if you missed it, you may catch those details in our last Development Update. In addition, we logged some great stats on spawn rates and time-to-kill, all important aspects of creating an interactive game.

Kalthir finds a perfect med spot

We recently launched our Streamer Program, and content creators were quick to get in on it. We had a fantastic group made up of CohhCarnage, Nathan Napalm, Bazgrim, Therek, Draq, and Desryn that took to Terminus for some organic gameplay. They smacked around some mobs and did some exploring, all things worth checking out if you would like a peek into what testing looks like in pre-alpha.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a crowd funded game made by a small, independent studio. If you would like to support development and join in on the fun, please visit our Pledge Page for information on how you may contribute. We hope to see you in Terminus soon!

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