Pantheon Streamer Program

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Streamer & Content Creator Program

Thank you for your interest in creating content for, or streaming Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen!

Pantheon is still currently in the Pre-Alpha phase, and therefore streaming or recording of the game is restricted to only those with explicit permission. By filling out the form below, your request to stream or record gameplay will be submitted to Visionary Realms, Inc.

How does it work?

Every Pre-Alpha session, we select a few content creators and notify them by email that they have been selected to stream or record. After being selected, we will discuss which topic or focus of the game the content creator wishes to cover. For example, are they looking to shoot solo or will they have a group? Will they focus on exploring a class and its abilities or are they more interested in the exploration of the world? Once a topic is defined, a time slot is worked out with the content creator. After these details are locked in, an agreement is sent to the content creator to sign. The agreement includes details on any content restrictions–sometimes we’re just not ready to show something to the public that may be encountered in the game.

How do we select the content creators?

The selection process has a wide variety of considerations. Follower or subscriber numbers will have some effect on the selection as we do want to maximize the amount of viewers who get to see the game, but it is not the only consideration. We also look at the creator’s energy, their content style, and their target audience. We will also consider their involvement with the community. None of these considerations should be viewed as a requirement, as we often look for different types of content creators with different levels of involvement with the community and different audiences. In short: no one thing will give you an advantage or disadvantage for every pre-alpha session content creator selection.

Can I stream or record more than once?

This, too, takes into account a wide variety of considerations but in short, yes, a creator may be offered to stream or record on more than one occasion.

I signed up before March 2023. Do I need to apply again?

Yes. Due to changes in our infrastructure, we will no longer be selecting content creators from the old list.

Do I need to apply before every Pre-Alpha session?

No, please only apply once. Your application will remain in the database and reviewed every month.

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