February Producer’s Letter

February Producer’s Letter – Progress through Seasons!

Hello Community!

We are so excited to have kicked off our first season, “Into the Pass” for our VIP pledges on the 17th of February. Some fantastic feedback has been rolling in and there have already been a couple of hotfix patches deployed to squash some of the issues with the first build. 

We know why you’re reading this column, though, so let’s jump into what has been going on around here. 

On the 16th of March, we will welcome our Champion pledges to join in to enjoy what Avendyr’s Pass has to offer and on the 23rd of March, access is granted universally across all pledge levels, welcoming every supporter to join the experience. 

A new area, Mad Run, is in the final stages of construction and NPCs are being placed and their levels tweaked for the release of Chapter 1, Season 2: The Mouth of Madness, on the 30th of March. More information will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks. 

We are hard at work converting our global lighting to a more natural lighting scheme.  That should be completed within a couple of weeks. 

A healthy start on the new plate armor sets is done and ready to get implemented. Once the changes to the human proportions are complete along with some minor texture updates, all the armor for the Ogre can begin being refit to them. 

Avendyr’s Pass has been enhanced with an audio makeover, where subtle sound cues intricately weave into the fabric of the experience, amplifying its depth and immersion. 

The programming team’s focus of late has been stability over features, but going forward we are entering a period where we intend to focus on game features and systems. 

The development of the pet system has now progressed to its second phase and is expected to conclude in the coming weeks. Upon completion, the introduction of the summoner class into the game will be on the horizon. 

The Pulse engine, which drives a lot of the player and NPC interaction, is being switched back on and optimized.  Look forward to interesting new lore pings and conversations in the weeks to come. 

Combat enhancements are also up next with a focus on the resist system, melee, and weapon techniques. 

The wizard combat VFX is completed, with Shaman and Monk now in development. There was also an optimization pass on some of the VFX. 

Player combat animations have received a lot of attention and will be making their way into a build very soon. 

The rest of the team is in the preparation stage for biome development and NPC population in Hanggore. 

And lastly, the Pantheon launcher has had a makeover with a new section displaying patch notes.  Now you can catch up on what’s new while you wait for the patching process to complete! It is in the final testing phase right now and should be available very soon. 

As always, we welcome you to join us in Pantheon and are thankful for your support. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in next month’s producer’s letter.


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