Love Letter to Pantheon

Love Letter to Pantheon

I’ve been on the VR team now for a little more than a year. I have gotten to know the community and you all know me. I love my little family here. I’ve seen Pantheon go from a complete refactor and occasional test sessions to having a solid foundation and a 24/7 test server. We now take a forward step in momentum with the new Seasons test model that invites ALL pledges to play. As a Community Manager, there is truly nothing more exciting.

For my fam here at VR. Holy crud, guys. Never have I encountered a team so determined to make a game. This isn’t really a job, is it? It is a freakin mission! I am in constant awe of your talent and your determination and very proud to be a part of this.

To our community. You guys welcomed me, put me to the test, and here we are, all in support of each other. You make my job a joy and I can say that the people I have met here have made me a better person and (more importantly) a better gamer. Games don’t exist without fans and Pantheon doesn’t exist without your support.

For Valentine’s Day, I have for you, an open letter to Pantheon. For once you find love, you wish to shout it from the rooftops.

Dear Pantheon,

Yes, I think we are in a place where I can call you Pantheon and not Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. I’ve been watching you for a while, but in these last years we’ve become close. I wandered the world looking for a game. Not just any game, but something that challenged me. Something that awoke that passion inside of me and made me feel like I could do everything right and nothing right, all at once.

Was it too much to ask?

Sure, I’ve played other games. I enjoy the occasional mobile game. Who doesn’t? It’s low commitment and you can use them whenever and wherever you like. On occasion, a new MMORPG will launch and I’ll try it out for a month or two, but they never seem to stick.

Then there is that old standby. That one game that is always there and is easy to play, but it doesn’t really hit that sweet spot. I go back to it again and again, and always walk away feeling like I wasted my subscription fee.

You, Pantheon, are none of these things. No matter how many times I log in, I always feel like I’m home. What is it about you? Is it the punishing death penalty that forces me to think through my decisions? Is it the casual way you encourage me to forge my own path in game? Maybe it is the fact that nothing can be taken at face value. Every encounter could be my last if I don’t pace myself wisely.

Whatever it is, I’m enthralled. You had me at “Use your account details to log in” and I don’t think I can look away until I see this through. I’m here for it.




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