November Producer’s Letter

November Producer’s Letter

Greetings Community!

By popular demand, at the end of December we are holding a Content Creator Showcase week. During this week anyone who participates in Pre-Alpha testing will be welcome to stream and/or record footage for their content channels. This will be an unlimited, NDA-free week to share your journey in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The event will begin at midnight Pacific Time, Sunday, December 24 and run through until 11:59 pm PT, Monday, January 1, 2024. We request that content creators wait until that time before they begin gathering footage for their content. Posting of screenshots and video outside of the purposes of content creation will still require written permission from Visionary Realms, as per the rules outlined in the verbal NDA lift announcement. Please remember that support staff will be limited during the holiday week, so plan ahead.

Pantheon is now back to its MMORPG format and we have been keeping busy this month. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of what we’ve been up to since our last Producer’s Letter. You can check out the full development tracker, which is updated routinely over the month.

  • Haunted Manor in Thronefast updated.
  • Nearly 500 new NPC variations which include armor varieties, skin color, hair style/color and facial hair style/color.
  • Improvements to the backend persist architecture.
  • Improvements to the animation controller.
  • Completed first pass of new spell system audio. Also several new SFX and music tracks.
  • New Goblin modeled and animated.
  • Skeleton modeled.
  • Concept artwork: Raccoon, Rabbit, Horse, Deer, Chicken, Goblin w/ weapons and armor, zombies.
  • Concept artwork for the: Aqueduct.
  • Started concept on the new Ogre race.
  • Started work on new Ratkin huts.
  • General set dressing props for Availia and outskirts.
  • Wall torches and braziers added.
  • New harvestable tree types: Ash and Cedar added.
  • Updated all of the Avalia dwellings and broken buildings.
  • Many more sounds effects and music added.
  • Gadai bandits armor added.
  • New V4 player rig implemented.
  • New wind shader for trees implemented.
  • New weapon techniques for casters and healers added.
  • Introduced the Paladin class.
  • Warrior class to be added very, very soon.
  • Several combat tuning and balancing updates.
  • A lot of client performance enhancements executed.
  • Jewelcrafting added.
  • Working on Alchemy.
  • Working on Brewing.
  • Rain effects added.
  • A lot of tuning for classes, combat, quests, gathering, crafting, and economy.
  • Small quest journal tweaks.
  • Updated player trade UI and mechanics.
  • Availia dwellings now have doors. Knocking optional.
  • Fixed some corpse dragging issues.
  • Prep work for getting Avendyr’s Pass ready for art and design teams to start iterating.

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