Month in Review

Month in Review

March was a strong month for the Pantheon team as we continued to push ahead in number of systems and continue to make strong progress behind the scenes. This month we highlighted Crafting and Gathering in particular on our developer’s live stream, and then on Parting the Veil we discussed Pantheon being converted to an open world and what that meant for a variety of topics. Also, in case you missed it, we put out an article on our most recent Pre Alpha test you can find linked below.

Crafting and Gathering

On March 16th we went live with our monthly Development Stream. Joined by Game Designer David “Nephele” Beach, we talked about the progress of our Crafting and Gathering systems, highlighting the following topics:  

• Gathering Equipment and Interface Changes
• Mining Abilities and Switching Hot -Bar
• Group Gathering
• Cooking System

Be sure to watch the full video below to see all these items in action within the game world as David goes into detail talking about the systems as well as what’s to come in the crafting and gathering sphere.

Parting the Veil – Discussing Pantheon’s Open World

As a reminder, you can always find Parting the Veil content on our YouTube Page or download it in podcast form on any of your favorite podcast apps for on-the-go listening. 

On March 23rd Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins joined us to discuss details related to Pantheon developing an open world system with the addition of HDRP and ViNL. We answered a variety of questions, including community submitted questions via our social media platforms.

• Why did Pantheon pivot to a fully open world without zone lines?
• How will climbing affect traversing and designing the world from area to area without dedicated zone lines?
• How will weather travel across regions?
• How has going to an open world impacted mob leashing plans?
• Will there still be zone lines for specific areas?
• What place does instancing have in Pantheon?
• Will boss enemies be approachable in different ways?
• How will dungeons feel as interactive as instanced dungeons do in current MMORPGs, as they will be open world?
• Will an advanced character have stronger modes of transportation?
• How will friends meet up in the world without trivializing the world?
• Can several races start in the same cities?
• How can players interact with the open world other than questing?
• There was talk of a guild cap size recently, can you clarify the intent of this and what it means for larger guilds?

Get the answers to those questions and more by checking out the full episode of Parting the Veil on-demand via YouTube, by clicking below, or your favorite podcast apps!

March Pre-Alpha Recap

On March 22nd, we released a recap article with some player submitted screenshots on our website. Did you get a chance to check it out? Here’s a small clip from the article highlighting the shaman update:

With a solid rotation and skilled timing, this class will be primed to perform as a primary healer, able to keep a group (and most importantly, the tank) alive through tough encounters…

Read the full article here.

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