April 2022 Month in Review

Month in Review

Developer Live Stream – State of the Game

On Thursday, April 14th, Senior Content Creator David “Roenick” Schlow and Associate Content Creator Tony “Minus” Guidi provided updates across various departments on our road to Alpha, while also revealing the Daedrym Ascent and teasing progress on Sorhiryth. Some key highlights include:

• The progress of networking
• An update on the various projects the art team is progressing through
• Quality Assurance testing and their work to ready the next external testing build
• Class balance, crafting and more with a design team update
• Learn about a newly confirmed area in Wild’s End, The Daedrym Ascent
• Get a sneak peak at progress on the Halfling city, Sorhiryth

If you missed this one during the live stream, check it out on YouTube On-Demand to catch up on all the details discussed.

VIP Roundtable – Writing and Art

As a reminder, the VIP Roundtable is now available in podcast form. You can find it on all your favorite podcast apps like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many many more. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoy listening to it on the go and share it out to friends and family!

In this VIP Roundtable episode, Community Manager Ben “Kilsin” Walters sits down with Lead Writer JN “Istuulamae” Gerhart and Associate Concept Artist Holly “Lethe” LeMay to discuss how writing and art combine to create immersion. They covered a variety of topics including:

• Who are “The Fallen” in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?
• Unique qualities of multiple Pantheon Deities
• Thinking about lore for future expansions
• Making cities feel alive in MMORPGs
• Discussing High Brace, a community favorite city shown in early concept art
• Turning written lore into art

Be sure to check out the full episode below or via your favorite podcast site for even more exciting details.

Parting the Veil Episode 2 – Soloing in Pantheon

In the second episode of Parting the Veil, we provide clarity on soloing in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins answers questions about how the solo experience and group experiences work in tandem, creating a frontier experience when adventuring in Terminus. To get a small taste of what was discussed, this new episode was teased with a clip in our Fragments of Terminus series. To catch the full conversation, be sure to check out the video below or download the episode from your favorite podcast site.

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