Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout Extended Another Weekend

Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout Extended Another Weekend

Great news, testers! Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout has been extended for another weekend. This means that PA testers can log in Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th to adventure once again.

In this test, Avendyr’s Pass will also be available in addition to Thronefast. There is also a character wipe, so testers will need to start fresh, however experience rates will be vastly increased for the duration of the weekend. If you are a pre-alpha tester, please keep an eye on the Pre-Alpha forums for more details to come.

Also note that the time slot from last weekend will remain the same for this upcoming test session, as will your realm. However, if you wish to switch realm or time slot, please notify Customer Support. Not all requests may be able to be accommodated, so this will be done on a first-come-first-serve and availability basis.

If you are not a pre-alpha tester, pre-alpha slots are still available for VIP Pledges.


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