October 2021 Newsletter Arrives

October 2021 Newsletter Arrives

The time has come once again for the monthly newsletter. Please, please, no shoving. There’s plenty for everyone this month.

Once again we open up the newsletter with the Producers’ Letter. This month Adam Mostel joins Ben and Chris and let me tell you, this one is brimming with content. Not only does the Road to Alpha update have even more information than ever before, but we also talk about the Open World, RAF and Combat Improvements.

From there, Minus sums up the content and drops from the last month in the October 2021 Month in Review.

Things just keep rolling as Rob and Kyle expand further on HDRP and the Network Stack in our interview entitled Heads Down with Kyle and Rob.

Finally, to wrap things up, community member Benonai has a rare and gifted talent. Any guesses? Check out the Community Spotlight this month entitled The Space Between the Lines.


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