Lore Feature – More Than Shadows Part 2

Lore Feature – More Than Shadows Part 2

The continuation of J.N. Gerhart’s More Than Shadows lore feature is now available. Step into the land of Terminus with Tov, a dedicated husband and father, as he faces darkness and danger, in the name of protecting his child.

Tov turned back to the spear, just as the shaft dissolved into a thickening cloud that fully obscured Kasta. In an instant the ashes of the spear condensed like a swarm of insects and flew back through the air, returning to the form of a spear and leaving nothing but a small crater in the ground. Tov stared alongside his companions in astonishment. Kasta’s body was gone, and the village broke into a new round of terror.

Revisit More Than Shadows Part 1 and read the conclusion in More Than Shadows Part 2.


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