Lore Feature – More Than Shadows, Part 1

Lore Feature – More Than Shadows, Part 1

Life is never just one moment, but a collection of moments. Some are joyful and full of heart-warming memories, while others are tragic and have the power to etch our very souls. In this series, by VR’s Lead Writer, JN Gerhart, we follow the story of a family who is living these moments within the world of Terminus.

Smoke rose in waves that were darker than the night sky, drifting past the monoliths of ancient ruins before settling at the foot of this very mountain. Tov almost thought he could see the creatures mingling amidst the flames of Nesthaven. Dark figures that appeared less than men, but more than shadows. He didn’t know what they were or even if they were there, only that they had torn his world apart.

Read the first installment of More Than Shadows and be sure to check back for more lore features in the near future.


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