February 2022’s Newsletter is Hot off the Press

February 2022’s Newsletter is Hot off the Press

This month in Pantheon, we have lots to fill you in on as the year has started off with a roar.

First we take a look at what the team has been up to and what it means for Pantheon in our Producer’s Letter. We follow up those juicy tidbits with our month-in-review for anything you may have missed. New this month is our first entry into a series of articles outlining the early experience for each class, starting with the Wizard. Then, following up on our February stream, we offer more on Giant lore with an offering of the Ghaldassii Ruins. Last, but not least, February’s Community Feature is a visit with Moxie.

So, grab a Gatorade and join us for the Pantheon Newsletter of February 2022.


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