Community Spotlight – Kanudil, Working Toward the Common Good

Community Spotlight – Kanudil, Working Toward the Common Good

In our most recent Community Spotlight, we get to know Kanudil a dedicated member of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen community and a member of the Community Council. Often found helping members around our official Discord, Kanudil has a long gaming history and a very interesting background.

Thinking back on it I don’t think I ever stood a chance to not be into MMORPG gaming. At an early age I remember playing various games my brother had with the Sega Genesis (Battle City tanks in particular) and either wanting to play them with others or wanting to go beyond the borders or the linear path, let’s say. So it was natural that when we moved to the States in 97 and my brother bought us a PC and a PS1, we got into so many different games. This of course led to various info sites, community forums, so on and one in particular in 1999 happened to have an ad for EverQuest 1.

Give it a read and enjoy a little backstory on one of our supporters and a big thank you to Kanudil for talking with me.


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