• archai

    Bred as the ultimate of slaves, the diverse and vigorous Archai manifest their freedom in celebration and battle. LEARN MORE

  • dwarves

    Robust and enduring champions of combat and mysticism, the Dwarves of Khadassa are fiercely loyal to their king. LEARN MORE

  • the dark myr

    Even in brokenness, the Myr are a proud, masterful race. But while their majesty transcends the waters, they’ve yet to escape its bitter depths. LEARN MORE

  • ogres

    Once a unified and victorious host, the Ogres require a new breed of warriors to restore their heritage of militant glory. LEARN MORE

  • humans

    Since the dawn of Thronefast five centuries ago, Humans have stood at the pinnacle of influence, surviving threats against their walls – and those from within. LEARN MORE

  • halflings

    A fiery, youthful race, filled with mirth, recklessness and charm — but the exuberance of the Halflings masks an ancient curse. LEARN MORE

  • elves

    Long afflicted, the Elves now mourn and flourish under the council rule of Faerthale and the brilliance of the Lucent Tree. LEARN MORE

  • gnomes

    Enigmatic and isolated within the floating keep of the Skyhold, the Gnomes are masters of the arcane, and the peculiar. LEARN MORE

  • skar

    With an insatiable greed and appetite for carnage, the Skar fear nothing and have proven to be their own greatest adversary. LEARN MORE