Refer a Friend

Earn Rewards by Recruiting Friends

What is the Pantheon Refer a Friend Program?

When you recruit a friend to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and they pledge, you will earn some great rewards. Check the rewards table below to see what you can earn.

How does it work?

Whenever a new pledge or upgrade is made, a survey is sent (up to a week later) to the registered email address. In that survey there is a question that asks if you were referred by anyone. All your referred friend needs to do is fill in that box with the email address you use for your Pantheon account and that’s it! Your account will be credited the appropriate rewards.

Does it have to be a new pledge or do upgrades count?

Upgrades count! You can earn rewards by encouraging existing pledges to upgrade to a higher tier. Please note that only one upgrade referral can be made per account. Upgrading a single account multiple times will not net more referrals.

Are rewards cumulative?

Yes. The rewards listed below are cumulative. In addition to the reward for your current amount of referrals, you retain all the rewards prior to it.

Can I refer myself?

No. The pledge or upgrade must be a different account than the referrer.

What can guilds do to pool their referrals?

A guild reward system is in the works. It will be in addition to the personal RAF rewards. That means new pledges or upgrades can list an individual AND a guild in their pledge. While the guild rewards system is still under construction to be implemented at a later date, guilds can already start earning points by asking new guild-mate pledges to list the guild name in the post-pledge survey they receive. More information on rewards and guild points will be provided when the guild program goes live. Previous guild incentives will be rolled into this system.





• 1 additional free month of game time
• Refer-a-friend bronze nameplate badge


• 1 additional free month of game time


• New title: Herald of Pantheon


• 1 Beta Buddy Key (A code that allows a friend to join beta sessions)


• Refer-a-friend silver nameplate badge


• 1 Alpha Buddy Key


• 1 additional free month of game time


• 1 Beta Buddy Key


• 1 Beta Buddy Key


• Refer-a-friend gold nameplate badge
• New title: Standard-Bearer
• 1 Alpha Buddy Key
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