January Producer’s Letter

January Producer’s Letter – Welcome Back Alpha Pledges!

Hello Community!

We are excited to kick off 2024 with tangible progress that you will be able to experience soon. Very soon. This weekend soon.

Starting January 27th at 10am PST (-8 GMT) and running for 24 hours, we will be hosting another Pre-Alpha session that includes all pledges that have Alpha Testing as a perk. If your pledge qualifies, you can log into Terminus this weekend to check out the changes yourself. There is a character wipe, so you’ll be rolling a fresh character. You will be able to select the server you play on, so Pantheon friends unite!

Now, let’s get into what we’ve been working on.

Avendyr’s Pass is a huge zone and we have broken up the development into three parts. The gray zone is Mad Run, the red zone is Hanggore, and the orange zone is mostly everything else. We are getting very close to letting our community experience AVP Orange. Most of the terrain and biome is in place, the NPCs are being populated, and the caves are being built out.

AVP Orange Zone

Our programming squad has been tirelessly hunting down bugs, including a troublesome issue with character saves. We’re delighted to report that this problem is now behind us.

The development of the pet system is around 50% done as an initial pass. Extra features will be added over the coming weeks once the foundation is complete. We are finishing the elemental NPC concepts and will be handing them off to the artists to model and animate very soon.

The Ogre race is coming to life; after modeling, we are now in the process of armor fitting. Also, we have finished the concepts of our Orcs and will be modifying our old Orc models to fit the new concept art.

We’ve achieved a good chunk of our combat visual effects, a significant milestone in our journey.

We’ve continued to work on animation improvements and additions, and have been working on various emotes. Let us know if there’s any emotes you can’t live without in game!

All our creatures are getting a slight tweak to enable us to have multiple color variations for even more variety.

Next for programming will be combat refinements which include balancing the resist system, universal reduction in melee weapon delays to help fluidity, formula tuning and updates to weapon techniques for combat.

Our biomes are getting some love by adding more variety to the undergrowth.

And lastly, we are rolling out a new client patcher which significantly reduces download times.

Thank you for your continued support, and please stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring more of the world of Terminus to life.

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