October Month In Review

Month in Review

Developer Live Stream – Wild’s End Progress and Sevil Manor

On Thursday, October 13th we discussed recent developments for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen. We began with high level details of our recent Pre-Alpha Test, revealed Sevil Manor and some of its lore, and finished by showing in-game updates to the Wellpond in Wild’s End. Here are some more details from the stream:

• The Pre-Alpha session was extremely successful in a variety of ways. When launching on Saturday, we were able to identify some performance issues on day 1 which were patched a couple times to smooth out the gameplay experience. Our ability to “Hot-Patch” and get players quickly back into the game after a quick disconnect, patch and re-enter process. Our new pipeline for updating proved successful, as prior to this session, it would take a lot more manual work which could leave servers down for extended time while resolving issues. With the exception of day one performance issues to start, the only other impactful issue we had during testing was an external connection issue to our patcher. Once resolved we extended the testing time (on both days) and had a very smooth day two experience. With over 15 hours of testers in the world, we were able to get some great feedback, which we thank our testers for.

• Testing ViNL’s capability was a top priority, and we announced that for the first time in Pre-Alpha testing we had over 500 players in a single zone, on a single server. In prior tests we would run multiple servers to house our VIP Testers, and ViNL held up strong with everyone together in Thronefast.

• Sevil Manor was shown for the first time; a haunting relic of Thronefast’s dark past. Learn all about how it’s come to be a dormant shell of what it once was, and why those that travel to its estate could potentially be in for a surprise.

• Nearly a year ago, we showed off Wild’s End for the first time in a gray-box format. One of the areas in which players were immediately drawn to was The Wellpond. Intrigued by its depth and mysteries, concept art was enough to get the community talking. In this stream, we unveiled the current state of The Wellpond, as we dove into its depths. While the flora and luminescent creatures have yet to take claim to the area, we discussed the next steps in bringing The Wellpond to life with vivid concept art and discussion around the upcoming goals.

These are only a few notes from the stream, so make sure to check out the video on-demand on our YouTube page, or the video embedded below to see the changes for yourself.

Parting the Veil Live – Unique Adventuring Items and Abilities

In this episode of Parting the Veil Live, we discuss how unique items and abilities will have a play on further enhancing a player’s ability to explore and adventure within Terminus. We spoke to the following items over the course of the show:

• Where Unique Items Manifested in Design
• Walking Through Various Unique Items
• Disguise or Illusion Items
• Rarity and Accessibility of These Items
• Class Abilities Tied to Adventuring
• Class Advantages in Exploration
• Gliders in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
• Abilities Gained from Climbing Skill
• Scouting Abilities
• Invisible Walls Stopping Progress
• Roads and Paths in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

We’d also like to thank all the community members that submitted questions via our various social media platforms. Parting the Veil will not only be a series to provide clear definitive answers to various systems and questions about the game’s development, but also a way to engage with the community around these topics. As discussed on the show, know that our focus continues to be our Roadmap to Alpha, and some of these topics, while designed and ready for implementation, may not be current focuses for development until we reach alpha. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and our dedicated forums to submit your questions and be part of the show. As always, Parting the Veil Live can be watched live on Twitch, and on-demand on YouTube or in podcast form on your favorite podcast apps.

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